The Best Spanish Colors Songs for Kids

The Best Spanish Colors Songs for Kids

Inside: Spanish colors songs for kids on YouTube.


(If you are looking for further activities to teach the colors, you might want to check out my preschool lesson for the colors in Spanish. I’ve got stories, videos links, and games, all for little ones.)


Our Favorite Spanish Colors Songs


Last week in my Saturday songs series I shared our favorite songs for numbers. This week is all about colors! I really love these options. I like the kids to watch songs that are beautiful to see and beautiful to listen to, not just catchy or entertaining, and these songs fit the bill.

Most of these are meant to teach the colors to Spanish learners, but native speakers will enjoy them too.


Canción de los colores

Toobys for the win again! Wonderful graphics and music. 



Sweet, simple song.


Arco Iris

Bilingual song that goes through the rainbow of colors.


Colores, colores

Goes through the colors with a profession for each color (would have been nice to show women doing some of the things)


De colores

This one doesn’t teach the colors, but is an authentic folk song. I love this version by Joan Baez, and the mariachi version below.



El tren de colores

This one isn’t really a song, but easy to repeat and practice along with.


If you prefer a song to sing without videos, this one sung to the tune Frère Jacques is easy to learn.

cancion de los colores

Did I miss your favorite Spanish colors song? Leave suggestions in the comments below!

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spanish colors songs for kids

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The Best Spanish Numbers Songs for Kids

The Best Spanish Numbers Songs for Kids

Inside: Spanish numbers songs for kids.


I’m starting a series of posts about favorite songs and videos in Spanish by topic– numbers, colors, animals. etc. I use songs in my classroom a lot, but this series is geared to parents looking for songs to use at home. When non-native or non-speaking parents ask me where to start, I recommend starting with songs! Here’s why:

– Songs make learning fun and memorable.

– Songs are even easier than books because you pronunciation is included.

– They are free online!

– I consider this a wise use of screen time because you can continue to sing the songs elsewhere: in the car, at bedtime, etc.

If you never get around to the fancy language programs or classes, learning lots of songs in Spanish throughout the preschool and elementary years WILL PAY OFF, even in high school! As they learn vocabulary and phrases in context, it will make high school Spanish easier one day.


Our Favorite Spanish Numbers Songs


Los números 1-10

We love Toobys for the slow, simple illustrations and great music!


Los números 1-20

(About a monkey, coconuts, and numbers in Spanish.)


Toobys Cinco Monitos

(Traditional 5 Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.)


Los números 1-100

Not a song, but shows counting from 1-100 if you get ambitious.


Una vez pesqué un pez

(Numbers in context of a classic Spanish song)



Diez en la cama


Numbers in Spanish 1-20

What songs in Spanish does your family love for numbers? Did I miss any good ones? Leave in comments below or on my Facebook page so other readers can enjoy too!


spanish numbers songs for kids

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Printable Thanksgiving Mini-book

Printable Thanksgiving Mini-book

Fall Winter Blog Hop Square (1)

I am a Johnny-come-lately to the Fall/Winter blog hop for Spanish teachers, but better late than never, right?! There is only one day left, but be sure to check out the sale on TpT! I found some great deals for my interactive notebooks and already used them this week. Use the hashtag #fallwinterspanishsale for some great deals!


Thankfulness is such an important concept for our students. For my older students, I’m planning a “Doy gracias por…” display, where they each include what they’re thankful for. As much as it’s important to remind them to BE thankful, I think exposure to the world around them is a more lasting method. Good books, videos or the news can give us those kind of personal connections and highlight all the things we take for granted. My printable is for younger students and is a mini-book for elementary students to trace, color, and read.


Mi libro de gracias

Free Classroom Objects Printable Booklet

Free Classroom Objects Printable Booklet


Los colores de la escuela

Here’s a freebie to go along with the Español in the Jungle Unit 3! Students can color according to what the sentences say, and then practice reading in Spanish. The booklet reinforces both colors and classroom objects, as well as the verb “ser.” Check out these links for colors and classroom objects if you need to review!

Español in the Jungle, Unit Three

Español in the Jungle, Unit Three


And… Español in the Jungle Unit 3 is ready! This free 20-page unit builds on Units One and Two and includes flashcards, bingo, a word search, stories and comprehension worksheets, games, and more! Read more here about using these units at home or in the classroom. The Español in the Jungle series from SpanishMama uses games, crafts, songs, and TPR/TPRS storytelling methods to learn beginning Spanish. Unit Three introduces:

– Classroom objects and vocabulary

– New verbs: dice, toca, abre, escucha

– New adjectives: feliz, enojado/a, grande, pequeño

Here are some helpful links for supplementing Unit Three:

En Mi Mochila Roja (GREAT song for practicing classroom objects! Contains more objects than are covered in the unit, and uses “bolígrafo” instead of “pluma” for “pen.” Also helpful for practicing making nouns and adjectives agree.)

Real Spanish Classroom (Video of teacher introducing classroom objects and colors– may be helpful if you are not a fluent speaker.)

Classroom Objects and Colors Booklet

Classroom Objects Pronunciation (Youtube video)

Classroom Objects Pronunciation (Click to hear)

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