Mi Vida Loca Episode 2: ¿Un amigo?

Mi Vida Loca Episode 2: ¿Un amigo?


Episode 2: ¿Un amigo?
Masculine vs. feminine, un, una, ordering at an outdoor café. 

Game: Four Corners

Put four signs in the corners of the room: un, una, unos, unas. The student who is it counts to 10, and everyone finds a corner to stand in without making noise. “It” has a list of nouns, preferably from the episode, and reads one noun out loud. Whoever is in the corner that matches the noun is out. (more…)

Mi Vida Loca Episode 1: En Madrid

Mi Vida Loca Episode 1: En Madrid

Inside: Ser practice and activities through games, videos, and Mi Vida Loca.

Episode 1: En Madrid
The basics (sí, no, questions, simple greetings, eres/soy)

Episode one is the hardest day to plan, because you have very little vocabulary to work with. This is not my most inspired “game” ever… but hang in there. They get better, I promise!


Ser practice and Activities:


Activity: Sí soy. / No, no soy.  (more…)

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