Teach Your Kids Spanish eBook


Get oriented and get organized in your plan to teach your kids Spanish. This eBook takes you through a 10-day challenge of creating a doable language learning plan and gathering the best resources for your family. Includes:

  • Planning Sheets
  • Resource Checklists
  • Motivational Prints
  • 2 BONUSES (Beginner Spanish Lessons)



Sometimes the hardest part of a big goal is just starting! Take our challenge and kickstart your Spanish journey as I guide you to:

  • Gather the best Spanish resources
  • Make a family language plan
  • Get organized and get going

Every family is unique. Some of you are native speakers who want to pass Spanish onto your kids, and some of you will be learning right along with your kids. I created this challenge to help you find what you need and confidently move forward. 

Please note: The bonus resources are geared to elementary-aged kids, though they could be extended to preschool as well. The Spanish for Kids Starter Kit includes 6 lessons that cover the following themes:


  • Greetings and estar.
  • Common objects, parts of the body, and tener. 
  • The numbers and hay. 
  • The family and ser. 
  • Adjectives, colors, and gustar. 
  • Sports, hobbies, and poder.


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