Teach Your Kids Spanish

For most of us, wanting to teach our kids Spanish isn’t the problem.

It’s getting started and knowing what to do!

This challenge takes you through 10 days of setting up your Spanglish home and creating a doable language plan.

No more false starts!

Whether you’re a native speaker or learning with your kids, find the resources you need for long-term success.

 In this challenge, I’ll help you:


  • Gather the best Spanish resources


  • Make a family language plan


  • Get organized and get going

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About Me


I’m Elisabeth, mom to 3 bilingual kids and a teacher for 13 years now. My own path to learning Spanish was a little unexpected. I moved to Peru after college to teach English, and ended up staying for several years, learning Spanish, and marrying my Peruvian husband! (Read more of our story here.)

That’s part of the reason I’m so passionate about helping parents teach their kids Spanish: I once was one of those people who thought learning a new language was not for everyone. Over the years I’ve learned that’s not true at all. 

The truth is, the main ingredients to learning Spanish are just consistency and access to some great resources. I do everything I can to make Spanish fun, comprehensible, and doable. 

Whether or not your kids end up bilingual, language learning is never wasted. Every bit of Spanish you can give to your kids is a lifelong gift. I’m here to help you find that consistency and those great resources so you can get going and never look back!