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Here you can browse all my posts on teaching Spanish! Get lesson ideas, info on teaching through comprehensible input, and fun tips for teaching with games, music, movement, and more.

My own experience is a big mix. I’ve taught preschool to high school, in traditional school setting and informal private classes. I’ve always been a department of one, which usually means figuring out my curriculum and plans on my own. Fun, but often overwhelming!

After my first year of teaching middle and high school Spanish with a traditional textbook, I felt frustrated that my students were learning about Spanish, but not really understanding it in context, or speaking up in class. This led me to investigate comprehensible input (CI), and I eventually ended up ditching my textbook altogether.

Teaching to proficiency, through CI, has been a game-changer. My students handle real language much more confidently, and my lessons are now based on communication.

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I know we’re all on a journey, with different school systems and situations. Some of us have complete freedom to teach as we like, and others are working with a team and strict standards. I hope my posts can help you develop your own teaching philosophy and learn some new techniques that work for YOU!