Spanish Interactive Notebooks


I have put together some samples from my Spanish I interactive notebooks here. For me, the most helpful thing is to see what other people are doing, so I’m working to gather photos and videos to help other teachers along.

My first year using interactive notebooks basically made me an expert on what NOT to do. It’s true: they can be a little messy. A little planning goes a long way, so since then I’ve put together an overview of getting started with interactive notebooks for those who are newbies.

A few years into my Spanish teaching career, I got rid of our textbook and transitioned to a proficiency-based, comprehensible input-driven classroom. I moved away from basing my lessons on explicit grammar, and began to focus on providing comprehensible language. Now input takes center stage in class. Our notebooks organize, digest, and highlight that input. Any time I spend on grammar is short, visual, and efficient.

I really like that with notebooks, content is entirely generated by our class– tailored to our needs and interests. Some of these examples are free downloads, and some are for sale. I appreciate your support and would love for you to check out my resources. I’ve organized the pages by sections for easier viewing. Just click on which section you’d like to see!

Section 1: Getting Organized

Section 2: Class Content and CI

Section 3: Grammar and Structures

Section 4: Vocabulary

Videos: See Inside My Spanish 1 Notebook

Watch these videos for a tour of our Spanish interactive notebooks, and to hear how I use them.

Why Use Spanish Notebooks?

Are notebooks a waste of time? What problems do they solve? Here I talk about why I like notebooking and how they keep me organized.

Storytelling & Notebooks

How can Spanish notebooks fit into a CI-based classroom, where storytelling is central? Here I talk about how I organize stories and TPRS-style work.

You can find most of my notebook pages for sale, or as a free download. I try to keep the prices reasonable if you just want to grab one or two.

If you want to go ahead and purchase everything I’ve made, you save 25% AND get access to everything I add, in the future!