Looking for ideas for teaching preschool Spanish? You’re in the right place! Here I’m sharing week-by-week plans for a unit based on the song Los pollitos dicen.

Many parents and teachers are looking beyond lists of isolated words. We want to teach real, living language. At the same time, just turning on a Spanish nursery rhyme sounds like noise to beginners. With these lessons, I will help you bridge the gap to authentic Spanish, through learning language in context.

I am teaching a Spanish class this year for my kids and some of their friends, ranging in ages 3-6. We spend a few weeks on each line of Los pollitos dicen and center our stories on farm animals. To see my still in-process outline, click here.

Each unit contains three lessons, which can be spread over multiple class sessions. I sell the complete units in my TpT store, but offer lots of free ideas and resources in the blog posts below. You can find my stories in the posts as well!

Lesson 1: Buenos días (I can greet my friends.)

Lesson 2: Me llamo & dice (I can say my name.)

Lesson 3: La granja (I can name some farm animals.)

Lesson 4: La comida (I can name some foods.)

Lesson 5: Me gusta (I can say I like/ don’t like something.)

Lesson 6: Los colores (I can name some colors.)

Lesson 7: Los opuestos (I can describe a little.)

Lesson 8: Los días de la semana (I know the days.)

Lesson 9: Eres/Soy (I can ask/ answer a few questions.)

Lesson 10: Goodnight in Spanish (I can talk about sleeping and waking up.)

Lesson 11: Numbers in Spanish (I can count 0 -15.)

Lesson 12: Review Activities (I can understand an authentic song.)

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