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Inside: Teaching Spanish videos and demos. 

Here’s the ideal PD situation for Spanish teachers: our school pays for us to attend amazing conferences. We pack our bags, hop onto a plane or into a car, and away we go!

That’s really the best way to collaborate and grow. However…. some of us can’t make it work. Geography, family responsibilities, finances, etc., keep us from making it happen. Maybe you’re just looking to dip your toes into some new techniques for next year.

In my own journey towards teaching to proficiency, it was helpful to read about how other teachers were delivering comprehensible input. It was really helpful to see it in action. As part of my teaching Spanish textbook-free series, this post should help you visualize what teaching can look like without that textbook. The switch can be scary, but it might be more natural than you think!

In this post, I’ve gathered videos that give us a peek into language classrooms from all over, using different techniques that deliver comprehensible input to students of all ages. If you’ve switched to teaching to proficiency, but have colleagues who aren’t sure about it, this collection may be a good place to start.

I also have quite a few parents who are teaching their kids at home, or forming groups to learn Spanish together. If that’s you and you’re wondering where to start, this is a great place to gather ideas.

Before we jump in, I just want to give a huge shout-out to all the amazing teachers who have created video of their classes. It’s not easy, and it makes you vulnerable to all the haters out there in the interwebs. (Not gonna happen here- only thoughtful/supportive comments allowed.) I’ve included a variety of teachers so you get a broad sense of what’s going on in everyday classrooms.

Some of teachers featured here have extensive video collections on YouTube, and I encourage you to click over to their channels and blogs, to learn more.


If I’m missing some must-see teaching Spanish videos or demos, please pass them along!

If you buy anything I recommend I may receive some sort of affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. I ONLY promote materials I personally use and or happily share with friends and colleagues.


I wasn’t able to embed this video from Martina Bex demonstrating a first day virtual/hybrid class, but you can click on the YouTube link here.

Storytelling, Day 1 with Adriana Ramírez
A demo of TPRS from Sarah Breckley
TPRS with a story script (from Martina Bex), from Sarah Breckley.
TPRS demo from Martina Bex on her story “Cierra la Puerta.
Julie from Mundo de Pepita introduces a picture book in an elementary class.
Adriana Ramírez does a re-tell from a novel.
Alina Filipescu demos TPRS and using student actors.
Rocky la Roca with Alina Filipescu (an example of – I think!- spontaneous storytelling).
Collaborative storytelling with Eric Herman, with notes on the process.
Michele Whaley gives a full session on teaching with TPRS (in Russian).
First video from a series on TPR gestures with Annabelle Allen, aka La Maestra Loca.

Jon Cowart demonstrates TPR gestures.

Grant Boulanger creates a collaborative story with a Spanish 1 class.
Jason Fritze creating a story with elementary students.
TPRS demo in English from Kaizen Teaching. 
A general video that shows the viewer the difference between just input and comprehensible input. 
Angie Torre demonstrates TPRS using preterite/imperfect forms. (Angie asks that you please excuse the video quality that was created with a less-sophisticated camera phone!)
Storytelling from Sarah Breckley.
From Alice Ayel’s YouTube series on French the Natural Way.
Example of storytelling for novices from Pablo at Dreaming Spanish.


Demo from Erica Peplinski on special person interviews, with elementary students.

A special person interview from Cyber Profe, with helpful notes.

Persona especial by Courtney Johnson, as inspired by Bryce Hedstrom.
Another persona especial interview, with the student sitting in front of class.

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Adriana Ramírez introduces the past tense through questions, working with first year students. She has a series of videos for introducing the past, and this is just the first one.

Julie from Mundo de Pepita demonstrates a “question of the day” with third grade students.

Tina Hardgaden demonstrates calendar talk with a novice class. (One of many videos!)

Calendar talk, picture talk, and special person interview from Ryan Dickison.
Weekend talk with Cameron Taylor.
Card talk and small talk with Cameron Taylor.


Sarah Breckley shares a MovieTalk based on seasons, weather, and adjectives.
Adriana Ramírez does a MovieTalk with the clip “Alma,” working with beginners.
A MovieTalk with Annabelle Allen (La Maestra Loca).

MovieTalk demo from Mike Coxon, TPRS teacher.

Darren Way does a MovieTalk with novices.
Modified MovieTalk with Julie from Mundo de Pepita with elementary students.
Story and MovieTalk combo with Matt Hotopp.
MovieTalk with kindergartners with Carolina from Fun for Spanish Teachers.
Example of using video in class with Julie from Mundo de Pepita.
Another video from Julie, using a nature documentary.


One word image as demonstrated by Sarah Breckley.
Tina Hardgaden shows her four-step process with One Word Images.

Story based on OWI from Tina Hardgaden. (Part 1 of 5 videos.)
Creating an OWI with Cameron Taylor, with notes.
OWI demonstrated by Señora Chase


Write and Discuss with Spanish 1, from Tina Hardgaden.

Señora Chase demos write and discuss, with a blog post.

This shows an entire 43-minute class, with write and discuss at the end.
This is a demo from Tina in English, showing a visual lecture with write and discuss and a paragraph frame.


Julie from Mundo de Pepita sets up expectations for sitting properly (top) and raising hands (bottom) with elementary students.

More videos from Julie that show setting up classroom routines (top) and call-and-responses (bottom) with young learners.


Literature circles in a Spanish 1 class with A.C. Quintero. 

Introducing free voluntary reading in a level 1 class. 

Darren Way shares his process for free voluntary reading in his classes everyday, part 1. 
Part 2 on FVR from Darren Way.


Demo of story listening in Spanish

Demo with Dr. Beniko Mason

The Robber Bridegroom, told by Dr. Beniko Mason.
La Grulla y El Lobo, told by Alice Ayel


¿Qué es Input Comprensible?
Acquiring a language vs. learning it.

The Role of Output in Language AcquisitIon from Bill VanPatten

I hope this collection of teaching Spanish videos and demos was helpful to you! If you have more language teaching videos I can include, please let me know about them. And again, thank you to all the wonderful teachers featured here who were willing to share their classrooms and expertise with us!

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language teaching videos and demos

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