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books about friendship in Spanish

Most of us have seen the research showing the social, emotional, and brain-boosting benefits for bilingual children. For some families, bilingualism is a natural part of their community. For others in more monolingual contexts, it takes an incredible amount of intention to support a minority language (or two!).

I always say this: language is never wasted. Whether you are shooting for kids who can communicate fluently with their abuelos, or just want a jumpstart to high school Spanish, language-learning is wonderful for kids.

…the most important thing to do as a parent is to provide nurturing support. The approach that you end up taking will depend on the nature of your household, the area you live in, and the resources that are available to you. At the end of the day, focus on raising a happy child. The ability to speak two languages and the cognitive, neurological, and social benefits that come with it are an added bonus.

– Viorica Marian Ph.D., Psychology Today

5 Myth-Busting Tips for Raising Bilingual Kids

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    Interviews and Stories from Bilingual Families

    These interviews with families from all over the world are some of my favorite blog posts. They’re a powerful look into what is working for families– and, surprise!– it looks different for everyone.

    teach my child Spanish

    How I Taught my son Spanish at 4: One Mom’s Story

    Hear the step-by-step method one mom followed, when she decided to raise her son bilingually starting at age 4.
    Read her story here.

    raising bilingual children

    5 Bilingual Families Share Their Success Stories

    I love this post because it shares the perspective of families or adults looking back, reflecting on what worked well– and what you can do too. Read the interviews here.

    opol family interviews

    OPOL Interviews: 5 Families Tell us how they make it work

    See how five Spanglish families use the OPOL (one parent, one language approach with their children).
    Read the interviews here.

    opol families

    One Parent, One Language Part 2: 5 More Families Share

    This is part two of our OPOL families, with some great advice for making this bilingual method work.
    Read the interviews here.

    non native speakers with bilingual kids

    Non-Native Speakers Teaching Their Kids Spanish (Interviews)

    Think you can’t teach your kids Spanish because you’re not a native speaker? Find out how five families are making it happen!
    Read the interviews here.

    bilingual homeschooling families

    5 bilingual Homeschooling Families give us a peek into their homes

    Find out how these families with bilingual children are homeschooling and what resources they’re using to do it!
    Read the interviews here.

    Tips on FAQ ON Raising Bilingual Children

    For all the great advice on bilingual children you can find, there are some big myths too. You might be afraid it’s too late, that mixing languages will harm your kids, or that you shouldn’t speak Spanish to your kids if your own isn’t 100% perfect.

    These tips will help you sort through it all and make a game plan for your own family. The good news, again? Language learning can begin before birth AND at any age. If you didn’t get the early start you hoped for– or Spanish has fallen by the wayside recently– you can still jump back in.

    The languages you learn as a child are important, but so are the languages you learn later in life. “We all know people who make great contributions and do great science in English and are not native speakers,” Dr. Hoff said. “The human brain is amazing, and the human capacity to acquire language is amazing.”

    – Perri Klass, M.D., The New York Times
    what if my child won't speak Spanish

    What If My Child Doesn’t Want to Speak Spanish?

    It’s pretty common that most kids will go through this phase at one time or another. Here’s some advice for getting through it and motivating your kiddos!
    See the tips here.

    bilingual language development

    FAQ Answered by a SPEECH Pathologist

    Answers to your most common questions on bilingual kids and language development.
    See the FAQ here.

    tips for raising bilingual kids

    10 Tips and Tricks For Raising Bilingual Kids

    Get some practical advice on bilingual parentings with these tips you can start today.
    See the tips here.

    mom reads to kids in Spanish

    Creating Joy in the Bilingual Home

    We want our kids to look back on their bilingual childhood with affection and happy memories. Here are some thoughts on creating that context.
    See the post here.

    Guides and Resources for Bilingual Kids

    Teach Your Child To Read in Spanish: A Parents’ Guide

    Teaching Reading in Spanish 101, written with parents in mind. This is a big post full of ideas and resources!
    See the tips here.

    Spanish Homeschooling Resources

    Bilingual Homeschooling 101

    Thinking about homeschooling your kids in more than one language? Start here.
    See the guide here.

    Three must-Read Books on Bilingual Parenting

    Read review on my top three favorite books to learn more about raising bilingual kids.
    See the guide here.

    poetry for bilingual kids

    Why Your Bilingual Child Needs Poetry

    Did you know that poetry and rhymes are some of the most important things to help your child’s language development?
    See the post here.

    Just for fun

    Things bilingual moms do in public

    Funny things that bilingual parents say and do, from yours truly and my kiddos.
    See the post here.

    The Spanglish family gift guide

    Find lots of fun gift ideas for the holidays or birthday, from kids to adults!
    See the post here.

    benefits of multlingualism

    10 Awesome Benefits of Bilingualism

    What’s not to love about multilingualism?
    See the post here.

    The Benefits of being Bicultural

    All about the gifts and benefits of being bicultural.
    See the post here.

    For Non-Native Speaking Parents

    advice for raising bilingual kids

    Tips for Monolingual parents raising bilingual kids

    What if you don’t speak the language your kids are learning? Here are some concrete tips for making the best of the situation!
    See the post here.

    fear of speaking Spanish

    Letting go of Language Fear

    It can be scary to speak a second language and feel judged if your accent or grammar isn’t perfect. Read about my experience and what I’ve been learning.
    See the post here.

    motivating bilingual kids

    Learning a language alongside your kids

    What’s the number 1 way to motivate your kids to learn Spanish? Learn it too!
    See the post here.