A Mi Burro Unit 2

Helpful Phrases for Parents

If you are practicing at home with your kids, these videos teach some common phrases to help you get going and reinforce what they are learning in class.

When you are comfortable with these phrases, you can try speak as much Spanish as possible, while learning together.

La ropa

Learn the terms for clothing in both warm and cold weather. Try to listen closely and repeat the phrases after hearing them!

Alexa va a la playa

Alexa is going to the beach! Practice the names of clothing as she gets ready for a fun day. 

Key Vocabulary:

busca – looks for
se pone – puts on

Ana va a la escuela

Ana is getting ready for her day at school. 

Key Vocabulary:

se levanta – gets up 
se pone – puts on
se peine – brushes
se lava – washes
come – eats
toma – drinks

Cómo hacer un muñeco de nieve

It’s cold outside! Listen to these steps for making a snowman. 

Key Vocabulary:

muñeco de nieve – snowman
nieve – snow
ojos – eyes
boca – mouth
brazos – arms
nariz – nose

El burro está enfermo

“A Mi Burro” is a famous traditional children’s song in Spanish. Listen to this story to help review the lyrics to song and to make them comprehensible.

Ranita en el frío

Ranita is different from most other frogs – he likes the winter! Ranita wants to play in the snow, and needs to get dressed to go out and make a snowman. He just keeps forgetting what to put on!

Key Vocabulary:

la nieve – snow
se pone – puts on
se quita – takes off
hace – makes
tiene frío – feels cold

La ropa

Review all kinds of different clothing, and what to wear during different kinds of weather. 

Audios for Mini-Books

You can listen to a narration of some the mini-books by a native speaker here.