Bebé Tiburón

Helpful Phrases for Parents

If you are practicing at home with your kids, these videos teach some common phrases to help you get going and reinforce what they are learning in class.

When you are comfortable with these phrases, you can try speak as much Spanish as possible, while learning together.

La familia 

Learn the names for the members of the family. Practice listening and then saying the words!

La familia tiburón

Meet the members of the shark family!

Los animales del mar

Learn the names of popular sea creatures. Try to listen closely and repeat the phrases after hearing them. 

La familia tiburón Guessing Game

Listen to the members of the shark family, and see if you can guess who it is. 

Sea Creatures Body Parts

This is a guessing game. Look at the body part and try to guess what animal it is!

Diego va a la playa

Diego is going to the beach with some family and friends. 

Key Vocabulary:

la playa – the beach
la arena – the sand
el agua – the water
juegan – they play
nadan – they swim 
mira – looks
caminan – they walk

El tiburón que busca a su mamá

A baby shark is born and can’t find his mom, so he goes around looking for her. 

Key Vocabulary:

el huevo – egg
tiburón – shark
busca – looks for
dónde está – where is
ve – sees
nada – swims
soy – I am
eres – you are/ are you

El tiburón que no huele

A little shark can’t small very well with his nose. His older brothers and dad go hunting for fish, but don’t want him to come along. They don’t know he will save the day!

Key Vocabulary:

tiburón pequeño – small shark
no huele – doesn’t smell
nariz – nose
hermanos – brothers
peces – fish
una red – a net

La vida de un tiburón gato

Learn about the life cycle of sharks, from egg to adult.

Audios for Mini-Books

You can listen to a narration of some the mini-books by a native speaker here.