Español in the Jungle: Unit 2

  Unit 2 introduces asking a saying names, the colors, and four new verbs. This unit includes 9 pages of vocabulary, activities, and ideas for teaching the unit. Feel free to share the link to this page, but downloads should be for personal use only. Enjoy!

Español in the Jungle Unit Two

Español in the Jungle Unit 2

Additional Resources for Unit 2:

Color Pronunciations from LingoHut

Color Pronunciations (for kids)

What’s Your Name? Pronunciation (for kids)

Los Colores de la SelvaMini-Book (The Colors of the Jungle) from Spanish Mama

Los Colores de la Selva Mini-Book
Los Colores de la Selva Mini-Book

Page of Coloring Sheets, includes practice of colors – for your little one (or big one!) who loves to color

Monkey Mask – just in case your kids get into the monkey theme and want more!