Los Pollitos
Unit 3

This unit teaches some basic opposites and terms for describing the weather. 

Helpful Phrases for Parents


If you are practicing at home with your kids, these videos teach some common phrases to help you get going and reinforce what they are learning in class.

When you are comfortable with these phrases, you can try speak as much Spanish as possible, while learning together.


El clima

Learn some ways to describe the weather. Try to listen closely and repeat the phrases after hearing them. 

Los opuestos

Learn some terms for opposites. Try to listen closely and repeat the phrases after hearing them!

El gato y el perro

A cat and a dog live together on a farm. They like very different things!

Key Vocabulary:

me gusta – I like ( __ is pleasing to me)
el frío – the cold
el calor – heat/hot

El patito pequeño

A little duck doesn’t have any friends and decides to look for someone to play with.

Key Vocabulary:

no tiene – doesn’t have
pequeño – small
grande – big
ve – sees
busca – looks for
te gusta – you like
no me gusta – I don’t like

El cerdito pequeño

A little pig wants to be big. He eats everyday and grows into a big pig!

Key Vocabulary:

cerdito – little pig
lunes – Monday
martes – Tuesday
miércoles – Wednesday
jueves – Thursday
viernes – Friday
sábado – Saturday
domingo – Sunday

La gallina que busca a su pollito

A mother hen has an egg that hatches while she’s out looking for breakfast. Listen to see if they find one another. 

Key Vocabulary:

le dice – says to him or her
eres – you are/ are you
soy – I am 
algo – something

La vida de una rana

Learn about the life cycle of frogs, from egg to adult!


You can listen to a narration of some the mini-books by a native speaker here.

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