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Helpful Phrases for Parents

If you are practicing at home with your kids, these videos teach some common phrases to help you get going and reinforce what they are learning in class.

When you are comfortable with these phrases, you can try speak as much Spanish as possible, while learning together.

El Vocabulario

Learn how to say some popular pets and pet-related words.  

This unit uses lots of words about people in families, so you can review with this video.

Las Mascotas y sus familias

Learn about some families and their pets. 

Key vocabulary:

vive con = lives with
casa = house

Las casas de las mascotas

See what homes different pets use.

Las comidas de las mascotas

Learn what different pets like to eat.

¿Cómo se Mueven Los Animales?

Learn how different pets move around.

camina = walks
corre = runs
trepa = climbs
se arrastra = crawls
se desliza = slithers

Todo Sobre Los Gatos

Learn all about one popular pet: cats!

Camila y Gus

Camila has a pet dog names Gus. See what they do together and how Camila takes care of him.

Andrés Quieres Una Mascota

In this story, Andrés has lots of ideas about what pet he would like. His mom is not so sure!

El Perro Que Quiere Una Familia

When a family is out camping, they meet a dog who has no family.

Mimi Se Cae

What happens when an animal gets hurt? When Mimi the cat falls, she has to go to the vet to get some help.

Una Visita a la Tienda de las mascotas

Take a trip to the pet store and see what pet you might like to take home.