Preschool, in a way, has the same point as any other year of school: we are teaching children to care about things, and giving them great things love.

I am not actually so interested in skills yet. The main thing is who our children are and what they love: what they can do will follow. So, at this age, my main goals are the following:

  • Teach my kids to love and care for people (habits of respect and kindness).
  • Be outside so we learn to love and care for nature (habits of health, observation, and curiosity).
  • Give them books, poems, prayers, music, and art to love (habits of beauty and attention).
  • Speak Spanish at home and talk about everyday things.

Morning Time

Our schedule is really different because my husband words 2nd shift, and I teach part-time. So for us, “morning time” might actually happen after dinner. On the days I’m home, we do a more elaborate day with some art time and nature math, perhaps. An evening preschool time might just be storytime, singing, and time outside.


Know 10 trees in Spanish/English
Know 10 flowers in Spanish/English
Know 10 bugs in Spanish/English
Know 10 herbs/weeds in Spanish/English
Know animals in Spanish/English


Pío Peep
Mother Goose
Classic Poetry


Math (just as there is interest- more is less):

Numbers 0-20 in Spanish/English
Shapes in Spanish/English


Painting, drawing, play-dough
Colors in Spanish/English


Simple household chores