Spanish Notebook Section 1: Getting Organized

Here are the organizational sections for our Spanish 1 interactive notebooks. These are designed to keep both the students and me organized, make our bell-ringers efficient, and give the students a clear idea of where we’re going and what the expectations are. The year I half-threw out the textbook, clarity and routine were woefully lacking. Here’s my attempt to improve!

I number the pages just on the right (so we number just 100, instead of 200 pages). We refer to the exact page as “page 57, right side” in class and write the title on the right column.

This rubric is from the blog Magister P. I simply printed his rubric, cut it out, and glued it in.

spanish notebook

Ideally, these would be personalized. Right now, I just put in examples so students could see examples of the progression to Novice-Mid or Novice-High.

**I wish I could share the ACTFL Can-Do statements, but the wording and ideas are not mine, and are copyrighted by ACTFL. I am moving towards writing personalized ones for each lesson, and will probably have the students write it down on the lesson page.

Here are some guidelines I used to establish expectations for participation, from World Language Classroom.

You can download this rubric for free, to track student participation. I didn’t end up using it every week, but it’s helpful to have the rubric in the notebook.

This free download has options for students to respond to a text, song, or story.

We record responses to bellringers here. If students need more than one space, I let them use two. The grid lets me check work once in a while, instead of every day.

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