Three Little Pigs Videos


These are videos you can use in class or share with parents, so your students can continue learning at home!



Practice listening to and repeating the words in this video. They will help you understand the story about the Three Little Pigs in Spanish!

Unit Videos

Learn the parts of the body. Try to listen closely and repeat the phrases after hearing them. 

Big, Medium, Small, and More

¿Qué QuiereN Hacer Los Animales?

Learn how to describe things in Spanish.

Key vocabulary:

Todo sobre los cerdos

Learn all about pigs and what they can do!

Key vocabulary:

Los Tres Cerditos

Here’s the story!

Audios for Mini-Books

Todo sobre los cerditos Mini-Book

Los tres cerditos mini-book

Helpful Phrases for Parents

If you are practicing at home with your kids, these videos teach some common phrases to help you get going and reinforce what they are learning in class.

When you are comfortable with these phrases, you can try speak as much Spanish as possible, while learning together.