Hola! I’m Elisabeth.

I’m from North Carolina, where I was a teacher for 12 years. We currently live in the Peruvian jungle and have three kids we’re raising bilingually.

I never expected to have a Spanglish family (or even speak Spanish!), so I love offering help wherever I can– for teachers or parents.

You’ll notice I have a little bit of everythingIf it feels overwhelming, my start here page is a good place to get oriented.

Back in school, bilingualism seemed to be for a special crowd: people less self-conscious or with a “better ear” for languages. As much as I loved the travel and different cultures, a second language felt out of reach.

I created this little corner of the internet because life surprised me. I did learn Spanish, and later, I discovered resources that gave me confidence as a teacher and parent. I want my readers to feel the same. You can raise little Spanish-speakers; your classroom can be full of living language that sticks!

My Favorites


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Pandemic hobby that took over my life!

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Luz de Día

In English, I love Brandi Carlile.

More About Me

In 2003, I started my Elementary Ed. major at UNC-Chapel Hill. In 2007, I moved to the high jungle of Peru to teach English. Five months turned into two years, and along the way I met my Peruvian husband. We got married in the U.S. and lived there 8 years, before returning to Peru in 2017.

Even when dating, we talked about raising our kids bilingually. It seemed like a no-brainer when our first baby was born! But when the time came for cooing and baby talk, and then little baby commands, I felt a little lost and unnatural.

I realized that being a bilingual family was going to involve more intentionality than I’d realized. It’s meant building a library of books, music, and poetry in Spanish, making a language plan, and working really hard.

I’ve taught a little bit of everything over the past 10 years: English in Peru, 1st and 2nd grade in the U.S., and Spanish from preschool to high school.