Battleship Verbs Game Printables for Spanish Class

Inside: Battleship Verb printables for the Spanish classroom. 

*Update*…. since writing this post, years ago, I’ve switched up my teaching quite a bit. I used to focus a lot on explicit grammar and verb conjugations. Since then, I’ve thrown out the textbook, and switched to a proficiency-basedcomprehensible-input driven classroom. I changed my strategy to not teaching verb conjugations until December, and now wait even longer. 

I know that’s not possible in every school, and I know that sometimes explicit grammar is required or needed. So I’m keeping these available! My students really do LOVE this game, and it is great review for rote conjugations.**

battleship image

Quickly conjugating verbs is one of the main components to learning (about ;)) Spanish, but it can get boring to a restless group of teenagers. My favorite way to do this, and make it fun, is through Battelship Verbs. When we play this in class, the students are engaged and on-task the whole time, and they love it. They have been known to take a game to lunch just to finish it. Battleship is also my go-to when I have to quickly leave plans for a substitute teacher who doesn’t speak Spanish. It works for groups, two against two, or when you are tutoring one-on-one and play teacher against student. You can practice whichever tense and verbs you may be working on.

Each team gets a board and fill in their ships vertically and/or horizontally in the top section (the ships may touch each other but shouldn’t cross) . They must try to fill in the opposing team’s side and record their hits and misses on the bottom section. To guess certain squares, the team conjugates the verb for that square and the opposing teams responds with “agua,” “tocado,” or “hundido.”

Here are several printables. The blank ones include a game that uses vosotros, and one that does not:

battleship blank vosotros _spanishmama

Blank Battleship With Vosotros

battleship blank_spanishmama

Blank Battleship Without Vosotros

This one is for practicing regular verbs (can be adapted for any tense):

battlehsip regular verbs _spanishmama

Battleship with Regular Verbs

And this one is for practicing irregular preterit verbs:

battleship irregular preterits _spanishmama

Battleship with Irregular Preterites

Have fun!

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  1. ¡Mil gracias! I was just going to spend who knows how long making my own…

  2. This looks like fun for my class, who just learned the concept for regular verb conjugation. But I am confused how the students play this game.

    1. Hi Mazie! To set up the boards, each team fills in the ships listed on the game. The number of squares they fill is listed there as well. They put the ships on their own grid, vertically and horizontally, without crossing each other.

      To play, each team takes turns guessing spaces. They say the corresponding pronoun and verb to the space they are looking for. The other team responds with “agua,” “tocado,” or “hundido,” depending on whether a ship is in that space or not. If they find all the spaces of a ship, that ship is sunk. The first team to sink all the other team’s ships wins.

      Hope that helps!

    2. I also would appreciate game rules and directions on how to play.

  3. so, as a teacher, do I give them a list of verbs, or do they choose any verbs they like?

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I’m a bit confused here. Do they need the real plastic ships from the Battleship game? Or is filling in their “ships” just conjugating that many spaces on your board??? Thanks!

  5. Natasha Lynn Cruz says:

    I love this! This game is fun for student of ALL ages. Thank you SO MUCH!!

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