Mi Vida Loca Episode 9: ¿Hay un hotel?

Episode 9: ¿Hay un hotel?
Booking a room, giving personal information, hay/es/está. 

Game: ¿Qué hay en la bolsa?

Choose several items the students might know how to describe and how to say in Spanish. Without showing the students, hide an item in the bag. Play 20 questions to guess what’s in the bag.

Game: ¿Quién es?

Choose one student to be it, and have them stand outside the room. Select a student still in the room, and give him/her a small object. “It” comes in, and asks yes/no questions to find out who has the item. (You could have everyone stand up and then sit when they are ruled out. For example, it says: Es un chico? It’s not, so all the chicos sit down.) The competition can come from seeing who can guess the student in the fewest number of guesses.

quien es (5)

Extra Video (question words):

Link to practice activities for video:

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