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¿Yo Tengo… Quién Tiene? Classroom Game

Tomorrow we are back at school, ready or not! What a busy week. I am really excited about the year, though, and feel much better prepared this go around. I will try to get a post together detailing my first-day ideas, but I wanted to go ahead a share a first-week freebie. I often start off the year by teaching or reviewing classroom objects so that we can be speaking in Spanish right away.

I have a free set you can make a copy of! The best part is that it’s editable. Household objects vocabulary can vary so much between regions that you’ll probably want to edit a little, to make sure the terms are exactly what you need.

You could also replace the phrase “¿Quién tiene…?” with “Yo necesito…”.

¿Yo Tengo… Quién Tiene? for Classroom Objects

To play:

¿Yo Tengo, Quién Tiene? (Groups of 23 or less)

Print, cut out,and laminate the cards. Pass out the cards to students. Any student you choose may begin. The student reads his or her card aloud, naming the object in the picture. The student who has the card asked for by the first student goes next. Simple, but effective!

I have a Classroom Object games packet available at on my store as well if you are interested in more first-week resources!

Here are the terms I used to make the Yo Tengo, Quién Tiene game:

el lápizthe pencil
la mochilathe backpack
la cintathe tape
las tijerasthe scissors
el pegamentothe glue
el bolígrafothe pen
el librothe book
el cuadernothe notebook
la engrapadorathe stapler
los audífonosthe headphones
la tabletathe tablet
la computadorathe computer
el celularthe cell phone
el papelthe paper
la mesathe table
la sillathe chair
la pizarrathe (white) board
la papelerathe trash can
la puertathe door
la ventanathe window
la luzthe light
el salónthe room (classroom)

If you would like more practice for your students, with audio and digital practice, check out:

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