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Songs: The Easy Way to the ABCs in Spanish

Inside: Find your favorite ABC song in Spanish on YouTube, for home or school.

Songs are the easy way to learn sounds and names of the things. They’re perfect for the Spanish alphabet, too! For native speakers, it’s a first step to reading, and for Spanish learners, it can help in developing correct pronunciation. No matter if you don’t speak Spanish yourself– learn along with your little on

There isn’t a classic ABC song in Spanish, like there is in English. Still, I’ve collected our favorite Spanish alphabet songs for kids on YouTube. Songs about the vowels are really helpful as well

(Just looking for upper grades? Click here to skip to songs for older students.)

If you are looking for more songs in Spanish for kids, make sure to check out my songs in Spanish page!


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    Teachers disagree on whether or not to teach the alphabet in class. Some argue that it’s not high frequency and not a good use of precious class time. Others try to spell out names of students of words as they’re writing them on the board. I think it’s perfectly fine if you go this route!

    Others are required to test it, or have heritage speakers that might benefit from the literacy skills. Last year I didn’t plan to teach it, but then had students begging for the first song listed here. Personally, I find myself clarifying spellings here in Peru A LOT. Especially when I’m filling out documents with our names or words in English.

    My vote? Go for it! Don’t test, don’t spend much time on it. Just play one of these songs throughout the year, and let it soak in naturally.


    What’s you favorite ABC song in Spanish? Leave a comment below with your recommendations.

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    Spanish ABC Songs

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