Thanksgiving songs for kids

The Best Thanksgiving Songs in Spanish for Kids

Inside: Thanksgiving songs in Spanish for kids.

As you prep for the holidays, I’ve collected some Thanksgiving-themed songs for Spanish learners. They’re hard to find, as Spanish-speaking countries outside of Puerto Rico don’t celebrate the day.

But here are my favorites that talk about turkeys, Thanksgiving, or giving thanks in general, first for kids and then for older students!


Thanksgiving and Gracias Songs for Kids

Here are songs perfect for the PreK – Elementary age range!


This one is also a little game– if you click to the song on YouTube it has this explanation in Spanish: A group of kids (uneven in number) walk in a circle four times. Then, they stop and everyone hugs (in twos). The one who is left out runs after the others once they yell: “pavo, pavo, pavo!” The first one who is tagged has to chase the others, or be the one left out in the next round.



Who’s Coming to Thanksgiving?

This one teaches holiday-themed vocabulary like family members and food.

Gracias and Thanksgiving Songs for Middle and High School


The lyrics to this song look long, but they repeat a lot and are fairly comprehensible.

Por mi familia y mi tierra que me dieron los principios
Por este amor que nació desde niño
Hoy me siento agradecido…

– Fonseca

GraCiaS un millón – Río Roma

This song includes the singer listing lots of things he’s thankful for. The nice thing about this one is that who he is saying thank you to is left up to the listener- could be a partner, friend, God, or someone else, making it flexible for your needs.

Por ayudarme a andar el camino
Por compartir tu vida conmigo
Gracias un millón, gracias un millón
Un millón de gracias
A ti gracias un millón

– Río Roma

Gracias – Mercedes Sosa

If you and your students are up for a classic and more folk sound, this is an incredible song from legend Mercedes Sosa. The version that includes Shakira might feel more relevant too!

Gracias a la vida que me ha dado tanto
Me ha dado la risa y me ha dado el llanto
Así yo distingo dicha de quebranto
Los dos materiales que forman mi canto
Y el canto de ustedes que es el mismo canto
Y el canto de todos que es mi propio canto

– Mercedes Sosa

I love many of the versions from Joan Baez as well:

Gracias – Ozuna

I’m not sure I understand the entire context to this song, but Ozuna is touring and singing in Israel, and he is singing thank you to God (so it’s definitely full of religious language and imagery). Might work for some schools, especially as Ozuna as a more current artist.

Gracias – Generación 12

If you are allowed to use religious songs, these lyrics are pretty comprehensible to learners!

What Thanksgiving favorites did I miss? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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