Los animales – Ideas and Freebie!

I have been busy updating my look on my TpT store, and just made a new 41-page game pack for learning animals. Here on the blog, I’m making a few pages of that available for free! I love games for introducing vocabulary. This pack includes games for Go Fish, Yo Tengo (beginner’s and intermediate), Old Maid, Concentration, and a board game. One of the sets also doubles as a flashcard set, which can be used for many other activities.

Los Animales Freebie

My freebie today introduces 36 animals, and here are more ideas for practicing them. These would be way more fun if you purchase my game pack (yep!), but you could make them work by writing the animals names in Spanish onto index cards or sticky notes.

  • Make labels with descriptions (tiene cola, puede volar, come pasto, etc.). Have the students sort the animals and see which is the most popular category.


  • As a warm-up, put the cards into a bag and have the students draw one or more cards at the beginning of class. Each students writes a description of his or her animal. When ready, the student (or the teacher) reads the descriptions out loud. Have the rest of the class guess which animal is being described.


  • Tape the word cards onto each student´s back. The students can walk around the room, and by asking yes or no questions figure out which animal they are (¿Soy verde? ¿Vivo en una granja? ¿Puedo nadar?).


  • Play 20 questions. Choose a student to draw an animal card out of the bag. The class asks him or her yes/no questions to see who can guess the animal first.


  • Watch these videos at VideoELE in Spanish. It gets the students’ attention to see the animals in action, and I frequently pause to ask questions (¿Es grande o pequeño? ¿Qué come?). You could also assign for homework:

En el zoo

Animales salvajes

¿Qué pueden hacer?

Check out my freebies board on Pinterest for more resources like this one!

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