The Best Spanish Colors Songs for Kids

by | Nov 14, 2015

Inside: Spanish colors songs for kids on YouTube.

Last week in my Saturday songs series I shared our favorite songs for numbers. This week is all about colors! I really love these options and they will get your kids identifying the colors in Spanish in no time. 

colors songs in Spanish


Top Spanish Colors Songs on YouTube for Kids

Most of these are meant to teach the colors to Spanish learners, but native speakers will enjoy them too.

If you are looking for further activities to teach the colors, you might want to check out my preschool lesson for the colors in Spanish. I’ve got stories, videos links, and games, all for little ones.


1. Canción de los colores

Toobys for the win again! Wonderful graphics and music in this song. 




Sweet, simple song about the colors that also includes “me gusta.”



3. Veo Algo Azul

Written as a sort of “I spy” game, this is a highly comprehensible song that also includes an interactive guessing part. 



4. Veo Algo Rosado

This is another version of the song above!




This is a bilingual song that goes through the rainbow of colors.


6. Colores, Colores

This song goes through the colors, with a profession for each color (it would have been nice to show women doing some of the things, but still a nice song). 



7. Los Colores with Basho & Friends

If you have older kids that don’t like anything that feels “babyish,” Basho & Friends is a good option. 



8. De Colores

This one isn’t actually a “Spanish colors song,” but an authentic folk song. I love this version by Joan Baez, and the mariachi version below.



If you prefer a song to sing without videos, this one sung to the tune Frère Jacques is easy to learn as well!



Did I miss any of your favorite Spanish colors song? Leave suggestions in the comments below!



Hey! I’m Elisabeth, a teacher and mom raising two bilingual kids in the Peruvian jungle. Read our story here. I love digging up the best Spanish resources for all you busy parents and teachers!

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