Mi Vida Loca Episode 21: En la costa

Episode 21: En la costa
Weather, past participles, hacer.

Game: 20 Preguntas

Show a large map of North and South America and keep it up during the game (it helps if it’s the kind of map that where the countries are different colors). Choose one student to start. That students chooses one country. The class tries to guess the country by asking yes-or-no questions (you can split the class into two groups to compete against each other). They can use terms from the episode like, ¿Está en el oeste? ¿Hace frío?

Game: Frío, tibio, caliente

Send one student out of the room, while the class hides an object. When the students returns, the class guides the student to the object by indicating frío, caliente, etc. To make the vocabulary more relevant, you could have them say hace calor, hace frío, hace fresco. 


Link to activities for this video:

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