Mi Vida Loca Episode 4: Merche y Jorge

Episode 4: Merche y Jorge
Meet and greet, nationalities, es. 

Game/Activity: Citas Rápidas

This is more fun conversation practice than just “Turn to your neighbor and…!” For a quick practice, divide the class into two rows, sitting in chairs and facing each other. Have a PPT ready with the greetings and get-to-know-you questions you want them to practice. Students on one row begin. Students on the opposite side answer, and then ask the questions back. When you give the signal, they rotate partners. I usually have one side that moves down one seat each time.

I have a PPT you can use and edit here. Props (hats, mustaches, crazy glasses) make this more fun!


Link to practice activities from this video:


The entire packet is for sale here, and makes for great homework, over-the-summer review, or in-class viewing to keep the series interactive for everyone. Activity sheets for Episodes 1-5 are available for free, so you can get a good idea of what is in it. I’d appreciate some feedback love if you enjoyed it!


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