Mi Vida Loca Episode 14: ¿Te gusta el vino?

Episode 14: ¿Te gusta el vino?
Booking a room, giving personal information, hay/es/está. 

Just a heads up: As the title implies, this episode centers on a visit to a winery. If that’s an issue for your class, you may want to preview this one!

Activity: Me Gusta / No Me Gusta

Designate one side of the room the Me Gusta (or Me Encanta) side, and the other as the No Me Gusta side. Call out terms they know (food, school subjects, menu items, hobbies, etc.). Students move to the side of the room they identify with. This one is perfect for reviewing vocabulary and those times when you have an odd 5-10 minutes to kill.

Game: Manzanas a Manzanas

This game is awesome for practicing opinions and adjectives. I have a free download with instructions to play, or you can make your own cards.

To play, you will need adjective cards and noun cards.

Put the green adjective cards in the middle, face down. Deal 5-7 red noun cards to each player. Designate a “judge” or juez for the first round. The judge turns the first green card over, and the players put the card they think the judge will pick to match the adjective in the middle. The judge mixes the cards, turns them over, and picks his or her favorite. Whoever that card belongs to keeps the green card as the first point. The leftover red cards can be recycled into the red card pile. The play continues in a circle, with the players taking turns judging.

¡Manzanas a Manzanas! (2)

Model for your class how judges would talk about the cards they are evaluating. For example: La manzana es pequeña. El elefante no es pequeño. or, if it’s something plural: Las manzanas son pequeñas. Los elefantes no son pequeños.

Video (me gusta):

Link to practice activities for video:


Link to practice activities for video:

The entire packet is for sale here, and makes for great homework, over-the-summer review, or in-class viewing to keep the series interactive for everyone. Activity sheets for Episodes 1-5 are available for free, so you can get a good idea of what is in it. I’d appreciate some feedback love if you enjoyed it!




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