National Foreign Language Week: The Best Resources for Schools

by | Mar 6, 2018

Inside: Ideas and resources for National Foreign Language Week


National Foreign Language Week was founded in 1957 to help make students understand the importance of studying a second language. (I prefer the term World Language Week, but didn’t get to choose it myself. So I’ll use the term that Google can find!) This is the perfect week to shine the light on your Spanish program: parental and administrative buy-in always helps.

First, I’ll list a few ideas from other teachers for celebrating the week. Then, I’ve collected videos and articles that talk about the incredible benefits of language learning, to share with your classes or school community. There’s no substitute for letting the magic of Spanish speak for itself– through authentic communication, stories, and music in class– but sometimes a handy video or visual helps!



National Foreign Language Week Resources


Suggestions from fellow teachers for awareness at school:


11 Fun Facts About SpanishInfographic More Fun Facts About Spanish by


And here are some awesome resources on language learning in general:




1. How Learning A New Language Makes You More Tolerant



2. Sorry STEM, Google Just Made the Case for More Foreign Language Education

This is an AWESOME article about how “The soft skills valued in leaders are byproducts of foreign language acquisition.” Language learning isn’t just good for you and the world: it develops skills valued by future employers.


3. How Languages Evolve


Learn a little about the history of languages with this video:


4. The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain


An excellent 5-minute introduction to the science and benefits of bilingualism.


5. Speaking A Second Language Makes You Smarter


I haven’t been able to verify the research behind this video, but it lists a lot of benefits I’ve personally experienced. 


6. How Languages Are Connected


This is a beautiful graphic that shows the origins of the world’s major languages.

Click to see the full, original print from Minna Sundberg


7. How Learning Languages Affect Our Brain:


How Learning Languages Affects Our Brain #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan


Hey! I’m Elisabeth, a teacher and mom raising two bilingual kids in the Peruvian jungle. Read our story here. I love digging up the best Spanish resources for all you busy parents and teachers!

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