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Where To Find the Best Online Spanish Books for Free

Inside: How to find online Spanish books for free.

We all know that reading is one of the top ways to improve your language skills.

Readers have better reading ability, know more vocabulary, write better, spell better, and have better control of complex grammatical constructions. 

– Stephen D. Krashen

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And there’s good news for Spanish learners: more and more books in Spanish are available these days!

Though I’ve already got lots of physical book lists for you, this post will concentrate on online books to read and enjoy for free. 


For parents of bilingual kids, or homeschool families, online books can be a great way to supplement your Spanish collection. 

For teachers, you can print some of these books as you set up a classroom library, or project them onto the board and use them in a whole-class setting. 

And now, let’s get started! If you have more suggestions, please let me know in the comments below.

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ONLINE SPANISH BOOKS with no log-in required

Let’s start with simple sites that have open access and do not ask for any log-in information or subscription. You can just click and go directly to the books!


Recommended for intermediate Spanish learners and up. 

Authentic Picture Books in Spanish for kids

Sponsored by the Colombian Ministerio de Cultura, Maguaré is a one-in-a-million find for Spanish materials. You can access over 100 picture books, poems, and tongue twisters online, and even print them.

See the Maguaré page here.

online Spanish books

A few books on the Marguaré site even have the option to print in black and white for kids to color. (A few are set to music or include audio as well).

Definitely bookmark this site if you are looking for high-quality printable Spanish books.


Recommended for novice Spanish speakers. 

Unite for Literacy is an amazing asset for beginners. All the books are written in very basic Spanish, with non-fiction themes like colors, toys, art, animals, and more. The site includes many other languages, in addition to Spanish!

See the Unite for Literacy site here.

3. Book Box

Recommended for novice Spanish learners and up. 

BookBox has many Spanish or bilingual picture books read aloud on their YouTube. You can listen and read the text at the same time!

See the BookBox Spanish Channel here.


Recommended for intermediate Spanish speakers. 

spanish books

Children’s Books Forever has a small collection of online books, in a variety of languages.

They are available for free and are printable. 

See the Childrens Books site here.

5. Storybooks Canada

Storybooks Canada is an amazing project that highlights stories created from different regions of Africa, and provides books with audio in dozens of languages– one of which is Spanish!

See the Storybook channel here.

6. The Fable Cottage

Recommended for intermediate Spanish speakers. 

the fable cottage

These are not technically online books, but rather story scripts of classic fairy tales and fables in Spanish, from the parent site The Spanish Experiment.

Some of these include audio and some do not, but the writing is well-done and kids will enjoy the fresh takes on these stories.

See the Fable Cottage here.


Recommended for intermediate Spanish speakers. 

international libray

The International Children’s Library currently has 100+ books in Spanish for kids. They have lots of search options, for looking by age and topic, once you get the hang of it. 

See the BookBox Spanish Channel here.


Recommended for novice Spanish learners. 

El viento y el sol, a fable told in novice-low Spanish for beginners

If you are looking for online Spanish stories in told on a novice level, I have a few options on my site as well. You can check out my Fables in Spanish page, where I’ve retold famous fables in beginner language.

9. Story Weaver

Recommended for intermediate Spanish speakers and up. 

Though you have to sign up to download the actual PDfs, you can access and read the 700+ stories on this site in Spanish for free.

See the Story Weaver Spanish stories.


10. Scholastic Español channel

Recommended for intermediate Spanish speakers and up. 

Scholastic has made 30 children’s books in Spanish available on their YouTube channel. Though these are more movie-style than straight online books, this is where you can find some more famous titles.

See the Scholastic Spanish YouTube channel.

11. Libros de lectura para niños

Recommended for intermediate Spanish speakers and up. 

lectura para ninos

This site includes 50 PDFs of famous stories, mostly translated to Spanish. You can view or download the PDFs for free, which include mainly fairy tales or abridged versions from authors like Charles Dickens.

See the Libros de Lectura site.


Recommended for intermediate Spanish speakers and up. 

Technically, this site is full of online stories, not books. Grimm Stories offers dozens of fairy tales in Spanish, from the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. All are available as a PDF for easy printing!

See the Grimm Stories site.

13. La Comisión Nacional de Libros de Texto Gratuitos

Recommended for intermediate-advanced Spanish speakers. 

online Spanish textbooks

The Mexican government provides dozens of free textbooks online in PDF format, including books and workbooks.

See the CONALITEG channel.

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ONLINE SPANISH BOOKS That require a Log-In

These sites do require signing up or creating a log-in, but have some very high-quality content. If you are looking for an easy format to always have online Spanish books available, definitely look into these.


Recommended for novice Spanish speakers and up.

read conmigo

Although you have to sign up with an email, Read Conmigo offers free online books in Spanish, targeted for ages PreK – 5th grade, with over 45 bilingual titles so far.

You can download onto your phone, a computer, or a Kindle. There App available, if you’d like a kid-friendly version on-the-go!

See the Read Conmigo site.

2. Reading A-Z

Recommended for novice Spanish speakers and up. 

reading a z

Reading A-Z is a huge resource of leveled readers, with an extensive collection in Spanish as well. (And when I say huge– we’re talking hundreds of books!)

See the Reading A-Z page here.

online Spanish a-z books

Their site is extremely user-friendly and the books are organized by level, skill, topic, and type.

If you are looking for books to print, Reading A-Z does require a subscription. However, if you are just looking for online Spanish books, this may be the perfect fit for you. 

Spanish Audiobooks for Kids

Spanish Chapter Audiobooks

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online Spanish books for free

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  1. Kyle Christensen says:

    Hi I am an English speaking parent. However, my 11 year old son is in the 6th grade of a dual immersion elementary school for Spanish/English. The whole school has made the transition to Spanish but not the library. Funding is a problem but I also understand there is a difference between real Spanish books and ones that are English translated to Spanish books. So how can I find real Spanish books printed on paper to stock a library with?

  2. Thank you! I am learning Spanish, and these resources are great!

  3. Vivek Hariharan says:

    Love the collection 🙂 You can try Its free and contains 100 simple Spanish short stories and many with slow audio 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this! I learned Spanish through my parents and now I am teaching my children. I have always had a hard time finding spanish books even at the library. This is so awesome and helpful!!!!

  5. Hi! I’m looking for free printable, black and white, beginner books (as in just a sentence a page and a few of the books using repetitive sentences). Spanish is my second language, but unfortunately, I don’t speak well enough to teach my kids the easy way (by just speaking all day). So, my next attempt is going to be with books. They can learn to read individual words easy enough, and there are plenty of books for them to practice with by the time they’re able to read KG books in Spanish. However, the step in between, is something I can’t find. Maybe someone will send link(s)? Thanks so much!!

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