South America Geography Games

Publication: Oct 14, 2015

As we raise children who are aware of the world around them, geography  will be important. When I travel, I am always impressed when people recognize where I’m from. It makes me feel valued and connected, that my tiny part of the world matters to them. I want to make sure my kids are knowledgeable about other places, near and far away, so that we are the kind of family able to welcome and connect with people from all over. Obviously these days you can look anything up on the internet, and it can be tempting to think that memorizing countries and capitals and rivers is a waste of time. But when students have this knowledge in the background as they meet friends, read stories, and see movies, they have a context for all that they’re learning. They can make connections and organize information better.

I’d like all of us (myself included!) to be the kind of family who can meet someone from Paraguay or Suriname and know what part of the world they are from, able to express our curiosity intelligently.

This game pack contains cards with country names, capitals, and fun facts about each South American nation. You can choose to print in color, or print out the black and white and have your students color them in. I love using cards like this to play games like Go Fish, Slap-it, and Concentration, and have included directions for games and activities. Have fun learning about South America and please share my link!


Awesome links for studying geography and South America:

TIME for Kids

Kids National Geographic

Global Trek by Scholastic (fun virtual “visit” to different countries)

Science Kids

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