Hola, Hola, Coca Cola and 30 More Spanish Call and Responses

Inside: Spanish call and responses or rhymes for class, similar to “Hola, hola, coca cola!”

One of the best ways to quickly get your Spanish classes’ attention is to establish a call-and-response system from the beginning. You start the phrase, they finish it, and then everyone should be totally quiet.

I recommend training your students to do this, and insisting on absolute quiet before you begin speaking. It’s awful trying to talk over a classroom of students, and it gets them in the habit of ignoring you when you speak. Many teachers also have a small bell or maracas that sort of “cut through the noise” of chatter and talking, and then use their callout. 

(This hasn’t come naturally to me always, but The Five-Second Solution from Cult of Pedagogy reminds us why it’s so, so important. See this post on Classroom Management Strategies for more tips for the Spanish classroom as well.)

Authentic call-and-responses like “Hola, Hola, Coca Cola” also give you the chance to work in some culture in a totally natural way! You can switch these up throughout the year or stick to the same one. 

hola hola coca cola


Here are 20 awesome suggestions to get your students’ attention, across all ages and levels. If you do passwords for your class as well, these would be fun!

  1. Hola, hola – Coca cola
  2. ¿Qué te pasa, calabaza? – Nada, nada, limonada
  3. Uno, dos, tres – Cuatro, cinco, seis
  4. Clase, clase, clase – Mande, mande, mande
  5. Hola, clase – Hola, profe
  6. Cinco, cuatro, tres, dos, uno – Silencio
  7. Nachos – Salsa
  8. Choco, choco, la, la – Choco, choco, te, te, Chocho, la, choco, te – Choco, choco, la, te
  9. A, e – I, o, u – El burro sabe – ¡Más que tú!
  10. Uno, dos, tres – ¡Estamos listos otra vez!
  11. Mira, escucha – ¡Vamos a la lucha!
  12. Manos arri-ba – Manos aba-jo – Todos calla-dos – Todos aten-tos
  13. Cla-se – Pro-fe
  14. Clase, clase – Dime, dime
  15. Llama, llama – En pijama
  16. Uno, dos tres – ¡No ingles!
  17. Hola, hola – Caracola
  18. El agua dice – Shhhhh
  19. Uno, dos, tres – Cuatro, cinco, seis – Ojos aquí – Ojos allí
  20. ¡Achoo!- ¡salud! – ¡Achoo!- ¡dinero! – ¡Achoo! – ¡amor!
  21. Listos, listos – Sí, estamos listos
  22. Cla-se – Di-me
  23. En boca cerrada – No entran moscas
  24. Pura – Vida
  25. Uno, dos, tres – Olé, olé, olé
  26. Gallo – Pinto
  27. ¡Manos! – ¡A la obra!
  28. A guardar, a guardar – Cada cosa en su lugar
  29. Qué tal – ¡General!
  30. ¡Hola! – ¡Camarón con cola!

If you are working with older students, you could use some favorite song lyrics as well, like these examples:

  1. Echa pa’lante – No mires pa’tras
  2. Voy a reír – Voy a bailar – Vivir mi vida – La, la, la, la
  3. Yo no soy marinero – ¡Soy capitan, soy capitan!
  4. Ay, ay, ay, ay – Canta, no llores
  5. Te mueves tú – Se mueven todos
spanish call and responses

Thank you to PhotoClipz for the Quote graphics!

What other Spanish call and responses do you love and use? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Gracias por hacer todo lo que haces. Eres una inspiración.

    1. Janice Lehmann says:

      Yo les pregunto, “¿(Están) listos?” y ellos me responden (o gritan) “¡Sí, como no!”

      “¡Olé, olé, olé, olé!” (Shouted out like sports fans.)

      I also teach them “eenie meenie minie mo” en español and I break it up in call and response parts.

      De Tin Marín…
      De dos pingüe
      Cúcara mácara…
      Títere fue
      Yo no fui…
      Fue Teté
      Pégale, pégale…
      Al quien fue

      If you use Somos this works well with the unit placing blame/denying blame (No fui yo. Fue él.) I think it’s unit 13 or 14.

  2. Liza De Leon says:

    Sorry but it is not Ay, yi, yi, yi – Canta, no llores. It is Ay, Ay Ay, Ay, canta y no llores.

  3. Paola McNeeley says:

    Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for all the free advice and resources you provide. They are very helpful!
    Also, I just wanted to let you know that #28 in the list above has a small typo. (guarder) should be guardar. I hope this is helpful 🙂

  4. Irma Sandoval says:

    Thank you so much.

  5. Misty Jarman says:

    Are the posters available?

  6. Me encantaron. Gracias!

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