Spanish nature words and books

Spanish Nature Words and Books for Earth Day

Inside: Learn Spanish nature words and browse a collection of Spanish nature books.

Learning about nature is one of my favorite themes when teaching kids Spanish.

First, we’ll look at a few Spanish nature words, some resources for exploring nature, and then I have an amazing list of Spanish nature books for kids.

Mira a los árboles, los pájaros, las nubes, las estrellas y si tienes ojos serás capaz de ver que toda la existencia es alegría. Todo es simplemente feliz. Están felices sin ninguna razón: no van a ser primeros ministros o presidentes y no van a ser ricos y nunca van a tener ingresos en el banco. Con­templa las flores: no hay motivos. Es simplemente increíble lo alegres que son las flores.

– Osho

Nature Books for Kids

Here are sections I include in this list:

Spanish nature words

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Spanish Nature Words

Here are some common Spanish nature words for Spanish learners to explore:

  • animal – el animal
  • bird – el pájaro
  • bush – el arbusto
  • carbon dioxide – dióxido de carbono
  • climate change – cambio climático
  • cloud – nube
  • conserve – conservar
  • contaminate – contaminar
  • deforestation – deforestación
  • eco-friendly – que no daña el medio ambiente
  • ecological – ecológico
  • ecosystem – ecosistema
  • endangered species – especies en peligro de extinción
  • flowers – flores
  • fruit – la fruta
  • garden – huerta, jardín
  • grow – crecer
  • lake – lago
  • ocean – océano, el mar
  • mountain – la montaña
  • plants – las plantas
  • pollute – contaminar
  • rain – la lluvia
  • recycle – reciclar
  • reforestation – repoblación forestal
  • river – el río
  • root – la raíz
  • seed – la semilla
  • sky – cielo
  • smog – smog, la niebla tóxica
  • soil – la tierra
  • solar energy – energía solar
  • species – especie
  • sun – sol
  • trash – la basura
  • tree – árbol
  • vegetables – vegetales, verduras
  • water – agua

Spanish Nature Word Printables and Flashcards

Here are some fun printables to help you learn Spanish nature vocabulary!

nature words for kids scavenger hunt

You can also download this scavenger hunt for kids to learn Spanish nature words around their home and yard, or take it to the park to explore more.

Click to Download the Spanish nature words hunt.

You can use the version with pictures for beginners, or use the print-only version with more advanced learners.

If you like the Spanish nature vocabualary flashcards (or posters) below, you can download them as well!

Spanish nature words
Spanish planets flashcards

Spanish books about Trees and Rainforests

Vuelo del quetzal

This beautiful book from Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy takes readers on a journey across the beautiful landscapes and forests of Latin America, as seen from the eyes of the quetzal.

La selva de Zonia

Travel to the Amazon rainforest and see it through the eyes of Zonia, a young Peruvian girl who lives there, in this book from Caldecott Honor and Robert F. Sibert Medal winner Juana Martinez-Neal.

Yoga en la selva

This story takes us to the jungles of India, introducing children to Yoga poses and animals along the way, through Spanish text and beautiful illustrations.

La selva amazónica

Learn all about the Amazon Rainforest in this non-fiction book from TIME for Kids, with real photographs and factual texts.

Un baño de bosque

A meditative look at the forest, that teaches us the healing properties of nature and encourage us to slow down and enjoy all that forests give us.

Llámame árbol

This story weaves together the strength of both children and trees– both begin small, and grow into their own selves as they “reach for the sky.” Different children showing tree yoga poses are also included in the vibrant watercolor illustrations.

El último árbol

What happens when the trees disappear? Explore the importance of trees and how to save them through the eyes of a little boy.

Wangari y los árboles de la paz

A true story about a woman named Wangari who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to begin an ecological movement in the wake of deforestation in her home country.

Cha-cha-cha En La Selva

Explore the different animales that live in the Indian jungle, through poetic text in Spanish.

Un Recorrido por la Selva

This time, explore the Amazon rainforest, through the eyes of three children as the hike through the forest.

El loro Tico Tango

El loro Tico Tango could work as an introduction for beginning Spanish learners as it reviews colors along with names for animals, through a story about a parrot and a lesson on sharing.

Nos Fuimos Todos de Safari

Although this story doesn’t take place in a forest, it does introduce readers to a different geographical landscape, this time taking readers on a safari through the grasslands of Tanzania, spotting animals along the way.

Books in Spanish About Water

¡Lluvia! Rain

It’s a rainy day in the neighborhood. Though that makes a little girl with a frog raincoat happy, her grumpy neighbor only sees rain as a bother. This delightful book features illustrations from the Caldecott-winning illustrator of Última para en la calle Market, Christian Robinson. (The book does contain the word “maldito,” which can vary in how it is seen according to region– just be aware.)

El agua rueda, el agua sube

From beloved bilingual author Pat Mora comes a poetic story about water, across different landscapes. Children are introduced to famous places as well as the importance of water to life.

Yo sé que el río me ama

This story is a celebration of Maya and a river, and how each cares for the other.
“Yo sé que el río me ama porque tan pronto
como que me acerco oigo que me llama.”

¿Por qué debo ahorrar agua?

A perfect introduction to water conservation in Spanish, for kids, and why it’s so important.

Soy el agua

A simple book for beginning Spanish readers that introduces children to the many forms and uses of water, and where it comes from.

Animales del mar

Introduce your very youngest readers to the ocean and ocean life through this board book in Spanish about the sea animals that live there.

La música del mar

After a terrible storm, a fisherman and his daughter Marina are the only ones who decide to stay on their beloved island. Marina is sad to stay behind, but her father is sure the fish will return, and prepares a surprise for her.

Hola mar

This book from the author of Esperanza renace fame will transport children to all the sensations and wonder of visiting the ocean.

Spanish books for earth Day

These four titles help teach children what día de la Tierra is about, and how we can do more to protect the earth.

  • El día de la tierra
  • Día de la Tierra
  • ¡Feliz día de la Tierra!
  • ¿Por qué debo proteger la naturaleza?

Hablando con Madre Tierra

This is a deep, honest story about a little boy who is teased by other children at school for his long dark hair and skin. Through his grandmother, “he learns to listen to the mountains, wind, corn, and stones,” and connect to his ancient Aztec roots to find self-acceptance and connection to the earth around him.

Books about recycling and ideas for kids to reduce, reuse, and recycle:

  • ¿Por qué debo reciclar?
  • Reducir, Reutilizar, Reciclar
  • Los guardianes de la Tierra

Spanish garden books for kids

Julieta y un día en el jardín: Un cuento de primavera de yoga para niños

Explore Julieta’s garden, along with the signs of spring and the animals and insects in it, through Yoga movements.

Lola planta un jardín

Learn all about preparing and planting a flower garden with Lola, from the beloved Lola series.

Cómo crece una semilla

Learn all about how seeds grow into plants with this non-fiction book in Spanish for young readers.

La semillita

From beloved author Eric Carle, this book follows the life cycle of a flower and how it grows from a tiny seed into a beautiful flower.

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