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A guide to the Alphabet in Spanish (with free printables!)

Inside: Learn about the alphabet in Spanish, with pronunciation guides and printable posters, flashcards, and worksheets.

Interested in the Spanish Alphabet? You’re in the right place!

This post is packed with information for all learners, with guides to pronunciation and all kinds of printables you can use at home or in the classroom.

Here’s what’s included in the post, by section:

  • How Many Letters are in the Spanish Alphabet
  • Pronunciation Guide for the Letters
  • Spanish ABC Words Posters
  • Alphabet Flashcards in Spanish
  • Worksheets for Kids Learning the Alphabet
  • Sign Up to Get all the Free Printables
  • Spanish Alphabet Videos for More Learning

I have a pack of free alphabet posters, flashcards, tracing sheets, letter recognition and sound worksheets you can get for free. Sign up to receive them email here or keep scrolling to see what’s included!

    First of all, let’s get some FAQ out of the way!

    How Many Letters are in the Spanish Alphabet?

    The Spanish Alphabet contains 27 letters. This may still come as a surprise to some learners and teachers, because in the past it had 29.

    However, “ch” and “ll” are no longer considered part of the official alphabet. This change was announced by the Royal Academia Española in 2014:

    “Se excluyen definitivamente del abecedario los signos ch y ll… El abecedario del español queda así reducido a las veintisiete letras siguientes: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, ñ, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z.

    – – Exclusión de «ch» y «ll» del abecedario, RAE
    Alphabet in Spanish

    Related: ABC songs in Spanish.

    How is each letter pronounced?

    The easiest way to learn the pronunciation of how to say each letter name is to hear it, of course. You can access audio for both the letter names and letter sounds at

    However, if you’d like to see how to write the pronunciation of each letter, I have that for you below. Keep in mind that the RAE has updated the names of the letters, so what many of us learned a few years ago may have changed.

    (Note- these phonetic alphabet guides only work when both the reader and writer have similar accents in English, of course. I’m from the US and prefer pronunciation guides that use “eh” instead of “ay” for example, because many speaker from the US will overemphasize the soft sound the letter should have.)

    A – ah
    B – beh (or soft bay)
    C – seh (or soft say)
    D – deh (or soft day)
    E – eh (or soft ay)
    F – ef-feh (or soft ef-fay)
    G – heh (hay)
    H – ach-eh (or soft ach-ay)
    I – ee
    J – ho-ta

    K – kah
    L – el- eh
    (or soft el-ay)
    M – em-eh
    (or soft em-ay)
    N – en-eh (or soft en-ay)
    Ñ – en-yeh (or soft en-nay)
    O – oh
    P – peh (or soft pay)
    Q – koo
    R – er-e
    S – es-eh (or soft es-say)

    T – teh (or soft tay)
    U – ooh
    V – oo-veh
    (or soft bay – “v” is pronounced as a soft “b” sound)
    W – u-veh doble
    (sometimes veh-do-ble)
    X – eh-kis
    Y – yeh
    (or soft yay, formerly ee-griega)
    Z – seh-ta
    (or soft say-tah)

    Spanish Alphabet Words Posters

    I included several posters options in the free Spanish alphabet pack. I made some versions that are alphabet animal-themed, some that include words in Spanish, and one with objects that correspond to the letter in both English and Spanish.

    Animals Alphabet Poster: this colorful poster has an animal that corresponds to each letter.

    Bilingual Spanish-English ABCs Posters: this version is perfect for bilingual families!

    Alphabet Words in Spanish Poster: if you are learning Spanish along with your children, the images are labeled in this poster.

    Spanish Animals Poster 2: This is simply another animal version with a different font.

    Spanish ABC Flashcards

    This set of ABC prints can either be used for posters or flashcards.

    Spanish Alphabet Posters

    This set of animal Alphabet Flashcards is perfect for practicing the letters and practicing ABC order.

    Spanish ABC Flashcards (1)
    alphabet Spanish flashcards for kids

    If you would like a way for your students or kids to practice *with* audio support and in a digital, interactive format, you can also take a look at my Alphabet Boom Cards on TpT!

    This digital set was designed for for upper elementary and up, and helps students with pronunciation and knowing the letters.
    ($3.50 on TpT.)

    This pack was created with PreK – Elementary in mind, and can also be used with bilingual kids who are working on letter recognition too!
    ($3.00 on TpT.)

    Spanish Alphabet Worksheets

    Spanish ABC worksheet

    You can use these ABC Spanish worksheets to practice letter recognition and a little bit of letter tracing.

    Spanish Alphabet Introduction Worksheet

    These worksheets help kids practice tracing and sound recognition of the letters.

    Spanish capital letters tracing sheet that includes both uppercase (letras mayúsculas) and lowercase letters (letras minúsculas).

    These are perfect for laminating to use with dry-erase markers or playdough!

    If you’d like to download all of the 115 pages in the pack, enter your email below and I’ll send them your way!

    Free Spanish Alphabet Pack

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      Videos for learning the Spanish Letters

      Songs are a great way, of course, to learn the ABCs and their oder. There isn’t one classic song like there is in English, but I do have a more extensive post with options for all ages here.

      For an overview of the alphabet, this video teaches each letter name and sound(s), and then goes more in-depth into the pronunciation of each:

      To learn the names of each Spanish letter, el Mono Sílabo is very popular and has videos about specific vowels and syllables as well for kids:

      For young children, this is a simple video/song that teaches the sounds the letter make:

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