authentic songs for advanced spanish classes

Learn Spanish With Music: 30 Authentic Songs for Advanced Classes

Inside: teach and learn Spanish with music, through 30 authentic songs full of the subjunctive, conditional, and commands.

Finally, a list of authentic Spanish songs for advanced classes! My lists for Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 are already popular, and this one should round it all out.

Using authentic songs gets significantly easier with upper grades, as you aren’t sheltering vocabulary so much. If you need some ideas on what to do, read about teaching Spanish with authentic songs here. (Or see my Songs in Spanish by theme and category.)

The songs are sorted by tense, so you can easily find input with repetitions of the structures you’re targeting. Of course, new music is always coming out and I want to make these lists as helpful as possible. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.


Abrázame (Camila)

Abrázame (Camila)

Madre Tierra (Chayanne)

Déjala que Baile (Melendi)

Dímelo (Enrique Iglesias)

Dile al amor (Aventura): both negative and affirmative commands

Di Que No Te Vas – Morat (not packed with commands, but lots of “Di” reps)

Llévatelo (Antonio Orozco)

Te mueves tú (Ha*Ash, Reik, David Bisbal)


Sueños (Diego Torres): quiero que, tú subjunctive forms

A Dios le pido (Juanes): que + verbs

Que suenen los tambores (Victor Manuelle): culture

Ojalá que llueva café (Juan Luis Guerra): culture, ojalá + subjunctive

Solo le pido a Dios (Mercedes Sosa): social justice. This is a great songs, and there are many versions– I’m including four below!

Que seas mi universo (Jesús Adrian Romero): religious

Quisiera que tú me quieras (Azul Azul)

Azul (Natalia Lafourcade): emotions + subjunctive forms, commands


Ojalá pudiera borrarte (Maná)


Si no te hubieras ido (Maná): contains a whole mix of tenses, but good input for sería

Si tú no existieras (Ricardo Arjona)

Andar conmigo (Julieta Venegas): so many reps of quisieras!

Mi vida (Divino)

Si fuera fácil (Matisse): gender stereotypes, sunbjunctive + conditional


¿Dónde jugarán los niños? (Maná)

Estrella (Nicky Jam):

¿Quién sanará? (Jay y Dario)

De pies a cabeza (Maná y Nicky Jam): this is such a fun song and video, though one line (¿Quién te hará el amor con luna y playa?) probably means most teachers won’t use it. Including this one just in case because I love Maná so much. 🙂

Quisiera (CNCO)

Si tú te vas (Enrique Iglesias)

What authentic Spanish songs for advanced classes did I miss? Leave your favorites in the comments!

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authentic Spanish songs for advanced classes

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  1. Shauna Derrickson says:

    I might have missed it, but also love using Cuando me enamoras por Enrique Iglesias y Juan Luis Guerra for imperfect subjunctive. 🙂

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