Clothing in Spanish Printable Worksheets

Inside: Get free printable worksheets and game for teaching clothing in Spanish class. 

Studying la ropa in your classroom? I’ve got some fun free printables here, as well as a collection of lesson ideas, games and videos you can incorporate for real life situations like packing a suitcase or going shopping.


1. Printable Worksheet and Game

2. Lesson Ideas for Clothing in Spanish

3. Videos for La Ropa

Clothing in Spanish Worksheet

Kids can play this game for a variety of speaking tasks. You decide! Here are some ideas:

  • Say the name of the clothing item
  • Say the name and the color
  • Say whether or not you like to wear that clothing item
  • Say whether or not you are wearing that item

Here are some simple cut-and-paste worksheets for clothing in Spanish. They are editable so you can adjust the terms as desired!

Clothing in Spanish Lesson Ideas

Clothing is a fun Spanish vocabulary topic because it’s something everyone has in common and it’s right in your room, on everyone! Here are some ideas for specifically learning la ropa vocabulary or working it into your lesson in bite-sized pieces

Natural Ways to Teach Clothing

Instead of doing a specific, separate unit, you can work clothing vocabulary into your lessons in little bits. If you do storyasking, for example, at the time of creating the characters you can give them outfits as well. 

For Grouping Students

When dismissing students or choosing groups, you can say a piece of clothing and those students get together or get to go line up. Be as specific as you want (anyone wearing a red shirt). 

Calendar Routine

If you do a calendar routine that includes the weather, it’s a perfect chance to talk about what to wear that day. I have cut-outs of kids and printed clothing items, so we can “get dressed” for the day. You can ask the students lots of questions during this: It’s hot. Should she wear a coat? No? Should she wear a skirt? Yes!

I do this activity with younger classes, but you could certainly do it with older classes as well.


Ok, you have you check out this genius idea from Señora Chase. It’s a live, no-prep guess who game using your students. 

Change Seats If…

Have all the students sit in a circle of chairs. Set up one less chair than students, so one student will be in the middle. 

To play: Describe one piece of clothing or accessory, and anyone wearing that has to get up and find a new seat (including the person in the middle). The leftover student in the middle “loses,” but just for that round. 

Run to the Middle

This one can get rowdy, but it is so fun for the right group of students. Bring in a bunch of clothing items (bigger-sized than your students). Line up the clothing items in the middle, ideally with two of each item of clothing. 

Divide the students into two teams, and assign numbers to each students (so each team will have students as “number 1,” each team will have a “number 2” student, etc.)

Line up the teams opposite one another, with the line of clothes in the middle. The teachers calls out a number and a piece of clothing. If you call out “cinco, camisetas,” the students from each team assigned number 5 race to the middle. They have to locate the camiseta, put it on, and run back to their team. The first one back gets a point.

Clothing in Spanish Lesson and Project Ideas

Students might be surprised at the strict dress codes many Latin American schools have. You can facilitate an interesting discussion around the pros and cons of uniforms in general with more advanced students, and at least compare/contrast with students who are at a lower level. 

Who Wore it Best / ¿Quién lo lleva mejor?

You can make a slideshow of celebrities wearing the same (or very similar outfits). Googling “who wore it better?” will give you a bunch of results. This will give you lots of conversation topics all about clothing, and you can poll your students for each one!

Go Shopping

For students who love real-world tasks and experiences, you can have them visit an online clothing store like El Corte Inglés. Give them a budget, and let them browse around and “buy” their dream outfits. They can take screenshots, then write about or describe their outfit. 

Fashion Show 

This is such a fun activity as a culminating project, and lots of classes really get into it! If your classes are not into the idea, an ugly fashion show is an option, where students come up with the worst, most mismatched outfits. 

This could be a group activity (one student wears the outfit and walks the runway, and the others present and describe the outfit), or each student describe their own clothing. Another alternative would be to have students dress up and take a selfie, with a written description of their outfit and accessories.

Listen and Draw

Who loves zero prep activities? For this you, you literally just describe a person and what clothes they’re wearing, and students draw the details to show comprehension!

Vocabulary for Clothing in Spanish

los zapatosshoes
los zapatos de tenis / las zapatillassneakers/trainers
la camisashirt
la camisetat-shirt
la blusablouse
la ropa interiorunderwear
las medias/ los calcetinessocks
la faldaskirt
el vestidodress
los pantalonespants
el buzosweatpants
el pijamapajamas

Summer Clothing in Spanish

el traje de bañoswim suit
la gorrabaseball cap
la zapatos de tenistennis shoes
las gafas de solsunglasses
las sandaliassandals
los shortsshorts

Winter Clothing

el abrigocoat
el impermeable raincoat
la sudaderasweatshirt
la chaquetajacket
los guantesgloves
la bufandascarf
las botasboots
el suétersweater
los pantalonespants
el buzosweatpants


las gafas / los lentesglasses
la corbatatie
el cinturónbelt
la pulserabracelet
los aretesearrings
la cartera / el bolsopurse
el collarnecklace
el relojwatch

Videos for Clothing in Spanish

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