Spanish Songs About the Family for Kids

by | Feb 27, 2018

Inside: The best Spanish family songs for kids, from YouTube.


Here’s a sweet collection of songs to teach family vocabulary with little Spanish learners. Keep in mind that these present traditional families, so make sure adopted students, students in single-parents homes, etc. feel included in your lesson plans about the family in Spanish. 

(A few tips if you use songs for learning Spanish: you can adjust the speed on YouTube by clicking the settings button in the lower right corner. The subtitles aren’t always accurate, but adjusting the speed at first can help make it more comprehensible.)

See my Spanish songs for kids library for many more suggestions and themes!


Spanish Family Songs


1. La Familia Dedo


I love this fingerplay for learning the family! The first version, with Peppa Pig, is helpful because it has the lyrics. 



2. Bebé Tiburón


How cute is this? Includes the abuelos too, and your student will love doing the motions that go with the song!



3.  Lluvia Lluvia Vete Ya


Once the students are solid on family names, this is an adorable song along the lines of “Rain, Rain Go Away” that goes through the family members. 


4. La Familia


Here are two versions of the same song. The lyrics are a little more involved, and similar to the familia dedo fingerplay: El hermano, el hermano, ¿Dónde está?, ¡Aquí está!, Gusto saludarte, gusto saludarte, ya se va, ya se va, etc. 





5. La Familia


If you need some targeted help identifying family members and pronouncing the names, this song includes the Spanish and English side by side. 



6. Mi Familia (Basho & Friends)


This one might be better for older students who don’t like more “baby-ish” songs. Here Basho introduces his own family!


7. Vocabulario Para La Familia


Not a song, here is a conversational introduction to the family, in case you want further input!


8. La familia with A is for Amigos


This is great for learning/practicing at home with guided practice!


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