Apples to Apples // Manzanas COn Manzanas

Inside: Free printable to play Manzanas con Manzanas in the Spanish Classroom. 

One of the first things I usually teach are adjectives. Especially when storytelling, I am constantly asking my students questions about the story or about pictures we are looking at. “Hay una familia. ¿Es una familia grande o pequeña? ¿Es una familia famosa? ¿El papá es alto o bajo?” To make all of that comprehensible, the students need to know their adjectives thoroughly!

I came across the idea of playing a homemade version of Apples to Apples as a way to practice adjectives and/or nouns, and it’s been a hit. The freebie I made includes the instructions, an outline for the students to follow as they speak during the game, adjective cards, and blank adjective and noun cards.

If your students are completely new and you only want to teach them adjectives, make the noun cards purely proper names– Tarzan, Hawaii, etc. Otherwise, mix in vocabulary that your students already know (foods, animals, actions) to make it more challenging. Make sure you take a moment to discuss “ser” and making adjectives agree in gender and number so that this is a speaking activity as well. Enjoy and please share my link if you found this helpful!

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  1. Elizabeth Garcia-Dominguez says:

    This is so fun, thanks for making and sharing it as a freebie! However, when Mattel made a Spanish version of this game, they called it “Manzanas con Manzanas.” I think that might be a more correct usage than Manzanas a Manzanas… what do you think?

  2. I tried to download the Manzanas con Manzanas game but it appears to be incomplete. I was wondering if you could help me with this. Gracias 🙂

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