Free Classroom Objects in Spanish Worksheets

Inside: Grab free printable worksheets and games for teaching classroom objects in Spanish. 

I always teach vocabulary for school supplies and parts of the classroom as soon as possible. If your goal is to speak mostly in Spanish, it’s so helpful to start with objects you use and see all the time!

Now, this doesn’t mean I hit my new students with a long list to memorize or have big lessons just on the vocabulary. I label the parts of my classroom like la silla, la pizarra, etc. and can reference those labels anytime I say the word. I like to mix them with classroom commands as well, as in “Camina a la puerta. Siéntate en la silla.”

I also use some fun games to let students use their new vocabulary in a natural way. Here’s a beginner game, Yo Tengo, ¿Quién tiene? It’s a very simple speaking activity– students each have a card with a picture of the object they need to say, and they take turns all around the room to see who the last person is, the “winner” (you can play in any order, so it’s different each time).

For younger learners, you can also download the PDF word search and the ¿Qué hay en la mochila? printable classroom objects worksheet.

Download the Classroom Objects Worksheets here.

This is a cute song for learning the names of classroom objects as well!

Classroom objects just happen to be easy examples for definite articles and indefinite articles as well, as they mostly “follow the rules,” as students are getting used to el, la, los, las, un, una, unos, unas, etc. 

You can grab the whole resource here (it includes game cards, flashcards, a word search, crossword puzzles, bingo, and more. 

Los objetos de la clase / los
útiles escolares
School Items and Classroom Items
el lápizthe pencil
la mochilathe backpack
la cintathe tape
las tijerasthe scissors
el pegamentothe glue
el bolígrafothe pen
el librothe book
el cuadernothe notebook
la engrapadorathe stapler
los audífonosthe headphones
la tabletathe tablet
la computadorathe computer
el celularthe cell phone
el papelthe paper
la mesathe table
la sillathe chair
la pizarrathe (white) board
la papelerathe trash can
la puertathe door
la ventanathe window
la luzthe light
el salónthe room (classroom)

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