Printable Spanish-Speaking Countries and Capitals Game Cards

Inside: Free printable cards for learning the countries and capitals of Spanish-speaking countries.

Hispanic Heritage Month is just around the corner, so it’s a perfect time to brush up on some geography and culture!

UPDATE: These cards were one of the earliest printables I created as a blogger and boy– they were very out of date and not my best quality!

If you already downloaded these at some point, please take a minute to let me re-send them to you! They are now in a editable slides format and the hints (that definitely needed updating) have been updated.

In this post I’ve gathered some resources for kids learning about the Spanish-speaking places and cultures. You can grab the printable game below or use the videos I recommended. The games are fun to using to play Memory, Go Fish, Slap-it, or other card games (the suggestions are included in the download).

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These cards are now available as slides you can edit for your students or kids’ use! Enter your name and email below and I’ll send them right over.

Game Cards

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    Here are some fun videos for memorizing the names or getting a peek into the culture and context of the Spanish-speaking world. For even more ideas, see my post on Hispanic Heritage Month!


    Learn the Capitals of Spanish-Speaking Countries.


    Countries and Capitals of South America.


    An introduction to the countries of North and South America in English, with interesting facts about each one (spoken, not a song).


    For older students, this video celebrates various Latin America countries (the original video is cool and shows a myriad of flags and culture, but on the line for school-appropriate – of course you know your school culture best!):

    To search Hispanic artists by country:

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    Printable card games for Spanish-speaking countries and capitals.

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