Mi Vida Loca Episode 12: Día de mercado

Episode 12: Día de Mercado
Shopping for food, tener. 

Game: Go Fish

Use my free printable La comida Food Game Cards to play Go Fish and practice tener + food terms. 

Put students in groups of 3-6. Shuffle the cards and deal 5-7 cards per player. Players set any pairs down as their first matches. Set the rest in the middle as the “Go Fish/Ve a Pescar” pile. The students take turns asking one another for specific cards. If one has a picture of el pan, she asks another student ¿Tienes el pan? The student gives the card to her or says, No, no tengo el pan. ¡Pesca! She must then draw a card from the pile in the middle. When a student gets a match, he or she gets to go again. Whoever has the most matches at the end of the game wins.

Bonus: if your students are farther along and are familiar with direct object pronouns, this is a great way to practice! When asked ¿Tienes el pan?, the answer can be, Sí, lo tengo. / No, no lo tengo. 


Extra Video (la comida and el mercado):

Link to practice activities from this video: 

The entire packet is for sale here, and makes for great homework, over-the-summer review, or in-class viewing to keep the series interactive for everyone. Activity sheets for Episodes 1-5 are available for free, so you can get a good idea of what is in it. I’d appreciate some feedback love if you enjoyed it!



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