Mi Vida Loca Episode 11: La familia de Esther

Episode 11: La familia de Esther
Tú vs. usted, this, these, family members

Game/Activity: Citas rápidas

As mentioned for Episode 4, Speed Dating is a fun way to practice introductions. Students rotate around the room, pairing up for a brief “get-to-know-you” conversation.  To add a twist and practice vs. usted, use props to mark certain students as “usted.” I bought a pack of props people use for photo booths that had mustaches, top hats, glasses, a crown, etc. Students with these items are meant to be older, or in a position of authority. Find the original directions to this game here.

As students rotate and meet each other, they must figure out whether to use the or usted endings with each other. Two people with props, for instance would use with one another. If only one person is wearing the mustache, the other uses usted.

quien es (2)

Extra Videos (la familia):

Link to practice for video:

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