Mi Vida Loca Episode 16: La habitación 320

Episode 16: La habitación 320
Ordinals, 100’s, possessives, the alphabet.

Game: Bingo

I don’t always think the alphabet is crucial for beginners (a few times watching the song below and the sounds will be familiar), but often it’s a requirement to teach. I think Bingo is the easiest way to get the particular sounds down. It’s included in my packet, or you can use my Bingo printable here. Dictate the letters and have the students write them down randomly, and then use the boards to play.

Game: Mano Nerviosa 

I recommend this game for Episode 6 and 14 as well, but it can be used for 100’s with a twist:

Divide the students into groups of 2-6.
Ace = 100
2 – 10 = 200 – 1,000 (3 = 3,000, for example and 8 = 800)
Remove Jack, Queen, and King

Divide all of the cards evenly among the players, and use two decks if possible. One person starts by laying a card face up, in the middle, and saying cien . The play continues clockwise, laying down cards and counting. When everyone counts to mil, they start back at 100 and count up again. Anytime a number is placed in the middle that matches the number spoken, the players can slap the pile. The first person to hit the card gets the entire pile to keep. The first person to get all the cards in the game wins.

Here’s a video showing the game being played with numbers 1-10:


For practicing the alphabet:

Buy the entire packet  for Mi Vida Loca to get access to all of the activity sheets, answer key, teacher’s guide, and 20+ pages of printables for extra games. Activity sheets for Episodes 1-5 are available for free! I’d appreciate some feedback love if you enjoyed it!




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  1. Olga Perez says:

    How do I access all the episodes of Mi Vida Loca?
    I’ m having difficulties accessing the videos in School?
    I will I access the videos if I buy your bundle and videos do not work at school?

    1. You may need to switch browsers (Safari and Explorer seem to work best), and make sure Flash is installed. They are all on YouTube, but better quality on the original site. Hope that helps!

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