Mi Vida Loca Episode 3: Kilómetro cero

Episode 3: Kilómetro cero
Giving and receiving directions, el, la, numbers 0-3. 

Game: Medusas

(For practicing giving and receiving directions in Spanish.)

Clear a wide space in the room and divide the students into teams (anywhere from 2-4 teams). Mark one side of the space as the starting side, and one as the finishing side. Scatter post-it notes, wads of paper, or something similar throughout the space. As each team takes a turn, one person from the team is blindfolded and must move from start to finish without getting stung by a “jellyfish.” The other members of the team call out directions: ¡Todo recto! ¡A la derecha! ¡A la izquierda! Time the teams and see who can get the shortest time across without touching a medusa (or bomba, or tiburón, or whatever). While we blindfold the next team, the team before can re-scatter the papers so no one has an advantage.

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