Mi Vida Loca Episode 6: Un regalo

Publication: Apr 19, 2016

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Episode 6: Un regalo
Plurals, buying a gift, numbers 1 to 15.

Game: Mano Nerviosa 

Divide the students into groups of 4-6. (Can be played with 2-3 if needed.)
Ace = 1
2 – 10 = 2 – 10
Jack = 11
Queen = 12
King = 13

Divide all of the cards evenly among the players, and use two decks if possible. One person starts by laying a card face up, in the middle, and saying uno. The play continues clockwise, laying down cards and counting. When everyone counts to 13, they start back at 1 and count up again. Anytime a number is placed in the middle that matches the number spoken, the players can slap the pile. The first person to hit the card gets the entire pile to keep. The first person to get all the cards in the game wins.

Here’s a video showing the game being played:

Also, if anyone loses all their cards, they can still slap in. Everyone is involved and engaged with a chance to win, right until the end! Here’s the original post for this game. 

Game: Presi, Presi 

Have everyone stand or sit in a circle. Designate two students next to each other the presi (presidente), and vice (vice presidente). The presi is the top position, and what everyone wants to be. Starting to the left of the presi, give a number to each student, starting with 1. 1 is the bottom position. So if you have 22 students, you would have numbers 1-20, and then the vice and presi.

To play, the presi begins by clapping her hands twice, while saying “presi, presi.” Then, while slapping her legs twice, she calls someone by saying a number: “dos, dos.” That person responds by slapping his legs twice, while saying “dos, dos.” Then, while clapping hands twice, he calls someone else by saying a number or vice/presi.

The point of the game is to maintain the rhythm, saying your own name and then calling someone else. If anyone messes up, they are demoted to number 1. (Important!– the numbers might change and everyone affected will have to remember a new number!) Basically, you make your way up the numbers and toward the presidency by bumping off people ahead of you. Sounds complicated, but it’s worth it and very fun.


Buy the entire packet  for Mi Vida Loca to get access to all of the activity sheets, answer key, teacher’s guide, and 20+ pages of printables for extra games. Activity sheets for Episodes 1-5 are available for free! I’d appreciate some feedback love if you enjoyed it!


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