Mi Vida Loca Episode 7: La oficina de turismo

Publication: Apr 20, 2016

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Episode 7: La oficina de turismo
Telling time, days of the week. 

Game: ¿Qué hora es, Señor Zorro?

This game is best played in a gym or outside. Pick one student to be Señor Zorro/Señorita Zorra. The rest of the students line up opposite Señor Zorro, as far away a spaces permits. The class calls out, ¿Qué hora es, Señor Zorro? Señor Zorro picks a time and calls it back.

If Señor Zorro says, Son las seis de la mañana, everyone takes six baby steps. If Señor Zorro says, Son las seis de la tarde, everyone takes six medium step, and if it’s de la noche, they have to take six big steps. They continue asking, and advancing until Señor Zorro calls out ¡Almuerzo!  Everyone races to the starting line, and the last one tagged is it next.

¿Qué hora es, Señor Zorro-

Game: Matching Clocks

Put students in groups and give them 10-20 index cards. Have them write times on half of the cards, and draw clocks that match the times on the other half. Once the teacher has confirmed they are all correct, let the teams switch sets. See which team can match the time and clocks the fastest/ most accurately.

Game: Ordering the Days

Divide students into groups (of seven if possible). Give them pieces of paper with a day of the week on each one. See which group can put themselves in order the fastest without speaking English. After, use the same papers and have groups order the days of the week from least favorite to favorite.


Note– this video includes the “La una menos cinco” way of telling time. You may want to mute and narrate those parts if you’re not teaching this form.

Link to practice activities from this video: 

Buy the entire packet  for Mi Vida Loca to get access to all of the activity sheets, answer key, teacher’s guide, and 20+ pages of printables for extra games. Activity sheets for Episodes 1-5 are available for free! I’d appreciate some feedback love if you enjoyed it!


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