Spanish Movies for Kids: G and PG Rated Titles

by | Apr 26, 2018

Inside: A list of family-friendly Spanish movies for kids.


A lot of my recent Spanish movies and shows lists have been for parents and teachers. Today I’m focusing on more kid-friendly movie options. After the wild popularity of Coco, hopefully producers understand we want more Spanish-language options!

I’m starting with my top picks overall. You might have to rent or grab these off of Amazon, but they are great films. I’ve tried to include movies that are either originally written in Spanish, or Latino-themed. A few are rated NR, but fall within the family-friendly category. Of course, please preview or check parent content advisories if you’re watching with young kids.

The second part includes titles available on Netflix. My post on how to change the language on Netflix might be helpful and also includes quick tips on different searches and adjusting settings.

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Ready? Let’s get started.


1. COCO 

A young Mexican boy, Miguel, has dreams of being a musician. Unfortunately, music is the one thing that’s forbidden in his family. Miguel ends up visiting the Land of the Dead, where he uncovers old family secrets. This has to be one of the most beautiful Latino movies made, with good music, stunning visuals, and a heart-warming tale of family, love, and memory. Keep the tissues nearby. Coco was meticulously researched, and is an excellent introduction to Day of the Dead traditions in Mexico.

UPDATE: Coco is coming to Netflix in May! 

Info: PG | Spanish/English Audio, Subtitles | 1hr 45min



2. El Libro de la Vida (The Book of Life)


Manolo is a young Mexican man with big dreams. Unfortunately, his father’s are completely different: he wants Manuel to continue the family tradition of bullfighting. Torn between the two, he travels to three fantastical worlds (the underworld, the Land of the Forgotten, and the Land of the Remembered). Told in semi-musical style, with surrealist graphics, El libro de la vida is a beautiful movie. 

Info: PG | Spanish/English Audio, Subtitles | 1hr 29min



3. Canela (Cinnamon)


A story about a grandmother and her granddaughter, Maria. Maria tries to convince her grandmother to her return to her former love of cooking and the family restaurant El Molcajete– which has been straying from its original traditional recipes.

Info: NR | Spanish Audio | 1hr 41min




4. Ferdinand


Ferdinand is a calm bull who likes to sit and smell flowers. Due to a run-in with a bee, he gets mistaken for a fierce fighter, and selected to fight the infamous matador, El Primero. This has a great, happy ending and introduces watchers to Spain and bullfighting without the gore. 

Info: PG | Spanish/English Audio, Subtitles (DVD, I think) | 1hr 48min



5. Casi Casi


Emilio, a teenager is Puerto Rico, ends up running for school president against the most popular girl in school– who also happens to be his crush. Will he choose winning, or her– or is there a third option? This is a fun story about friendship and loyalty. (Rated PG for language and innuendo.)

Info: PG | Spanish Audio, English Subtitles | 1hr 33min



6. Atlético San Pancho (Never Too Young to Dream)


A rag-tag soccer team in Mexico get help from the school janitor to reach their dream of playing a championship game. 

Info: NR | Spanish Audio, English Subtitles | 1hr 3min



7. Rio and Rio 2


Though Rio and Rio 2 are set in Brazil and not technically Spanish-language films, both DVDs have Spanish-language options and deal with many Latin American themes (environmentalism, deforestation of the Amazon rainforest). 

Rio: A pet Macaw in Minnesota, Blu, travels to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to learn about his home. 

Rio 2: Blu and Jewel now have 3 kids. When they see their kids are too used to life in the city, they decide to take them into the Amazon jungle to experience real life. 

Info: G | Spanish/English Audio, Subtitles | 1hr 35min, 1hr 






Anina, a ten-year-old girl in Uruguay, gets into a fight on the playground at school. The punishment from the principal is strange: each student gets a black envelope they’re not allowed to open for a whole week. During that anxious week, all sorts of adventures happen that help Anina understand herself better. 

Info: PG | Spanish Audio, English Subtitles | 1hr 18min



9. McFarland, USA


McFarland USA has all the makings of a classic sports Disney story: this time about a cross-country team in California. It explores cultural tensions and life in a predominantly Latino and agricultural community. This one isn’t in Spanish. 

Info: PG | English Audio, Subtitles | 2hr 22min



10. Selena


Selena introduces the life of Mexican singer Selena Quintalla-Perez, from her early life, to her rise to to the top of Latin and U.S. music charts, and untimely death. Jennifer Lopez stars as Selena in this emotional film. (I’m including this on the list as a PG film, but I don’t recommend it for young kids.)

Info: PG | English Audio, Subtitles | 2hr 7min



11. Il Postino


An Italian film that introduces Pablo Neruda during the time of his exile. A local boy is hired to as a personal postman, discovers Neruda’s poetry, and the two form a friendship. 

Info: NR | English Audio, Subtitles | 2hr 7min



Spanish Movies for Kids on Netflix


1. Zipi y Zape y la Isla del Capitán (Zip and Zap and the Captain’s Island


Zipe and Zape– the main characters in the film, are based on two popular, mischievous Spanish comic book characters that have been read for decades. In this movie (the sequel is also on Netflix!), a family vacation goes wrong and they end up at a mysterious home with missing parents. 

Info:  | Spanish Audio | 1hr 45min



2. The Road to El Dorado

Two swindler get waylaid in their search for gold in the famous city El Dorado. This one has some cultural connections, but be sure to preview or read through the parent content advisory. 

Info: PG | English Audio, Subtitles | 1hr 29min



3. Kronk’s New Groove

At last, a G-rated movie! This sequel to The Emperor’s New Groove has Kronk wanting to impress his hard-to-please father, only to find in the end that he just has to do his own thing.  

Info: G | Spanish/English Audio, Subtitles | 1hr 14min



4. Peru: Tesoro Escondido (Peru: Hidden Treasure)


Info: PG | Spanish Audio, Spanish/English Subtitles | 115min



5. Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmerman 

Andrew Zimmerman explores the signature foods of places around the world.

Info: PG | English Audio, Subtitles | 2hr 7min

Puerto Rico
Mexico City
Buenos Aires



6. Colombia: Wild Magic


Info: PG | Spanish Audio, Spanish/English Subtitles | 135min



7. Living on One Dollar


Four friends leave the U.S. and plan to live on $1 per day in Guatemala. Although this film can reinforce the storyline of interpreting poverty and Latin America only through the eyes of foreigners, it can be a powerful way for students and families to see outside their everyday lives. 

Info: PG | English Audio | 53min



8. Ghosts of Machu Picchu


Discover the mysteries and marvels of Machu Pichu in this doucmentary from PBS. (Be aware that skulls are shown in places.)

Info: PG | English Audio | 53min

Here’s the entire documentary (though the quality is not as good):



Spanish Movies for Kids

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Spanish Movies for Kids


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  2. Have you seen “Cartas a Elena” on Amazon Prime?

    • Amazon Prime won’t work for us in Peru right now (booo). I’ll have to check it out on our next visit to the US!


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