Sad Spanish Songs: Your Essential Break-Up Latin Playlist

by | Feb 2, 2018

Inside: The best sad Spanish songs: A Latin Playlist.


When I’m sad or frustrated, my husband often tries to fix it. This often makes me mad, which is obviously confusing to him. 

“Don’t you see? I’m upset. Right now I just need to sit here and feel bad/mad/sad for a minute.

This had never made sense to him, but I maintain that sometimes a bad day needs to be felt before moving on. If you’ve had that bad day, here’s your list for when you need a moment. 

Spanish music is famous for its romance and passion. Not surprisingly, its sad music is just as good, if not better: packed with feeling, longing, or whatever you feel when you’re lonely or your heart’s been stomped on.

And really– when you feel that way, you just want songs that empathize with you. 

There are some great angry break-up songs, but this list is all about the best emotion-packed songs. I’m working on the following lists to add to my Songs in Spanish collection:



The Best Sad Spanish Songs


Let’s take a tour of our top picks! Grab the tissues, a fake microphone, and all your feelings.


1. Creo en ti – Reik


Uy uy uy — this has got to be one of the best break-up songs. Written by the left-behind-party who continues to love the one who left. Reik’s sad songs are so good you kind of just want him to keep writing unhappy tunes, full-time.


2. Si tú no estás aquí – Rosana 


I dare you to listen to this song without either tissues or chills. I didn’t include this one because of a fancy video or sound. Rosana and her guitar convey all the raw emotion you could possibly want in a sad song.


3.Sí no te hubieras ido – Marco Antonio Solís


A perennial favorite at karaoke locals, this song blames unhappiness on the person who left. La gente siempre pasa, pasa, tan igual, el ritmo de la vida me parece mal… life feels wrong without you. I love the Maná version as well, but I had to include the original here.


4. Corre – Jesse y Joy


Sometimes it’s just time to go, as Jesse y Joy tell us here– without even looking back.  They have a plethora of sad songs to choose from, but this one is so powerful it had to be on the list.


5. Tantas veces – John Secada


Sometimes in a broken-heart situation, it was partly your fault too. Here’s your song of regret, wanting to win the other person back, and one that cuts to the soul. Perdón, vida de mi vida, perdón…


6. Otro día más sin verte – Jhon Secada


An oldie but a (famous, famous) goodie. Here’s your song if you’re counting the days without that someone. 


7. El amor que perdimos – Prince Royce


The famous chorus here– y sufrí, hasta el fin, no te quiero ver…–  makes this one the anthem of those looking back on years with someone, as only a bachata can.



8. Dile al amor – Aventura 


If you’ve reached the point that are DONE, and you want to tell love to stay away from you, here’s your bachata perfecta. 


9.Ojala pudiera borrarte – Maná


I love Maná. If you ever ached for someone so bad you wish you’d never met them, this is your song. Vuelve, corazón, no vuelve… 


10. Mi problema – Ismael Serrano & Natalia Lafourcade


I just discovered this gem of a song, and it is exquisite. Ever feel like amigos y enemigos a la vez? Relationship are complex; here’s your perfect duet capturing that complexity.


11. Mil pedazoes – Cristina y los Subterreanos


Heart shattered into a thousand pieces? This one is for you, and just plain spells out what it’s like to have a broken heart.


12. Eterna soledad – Enanitos verdes




13. Deja vu – Prince Royce, Shakira


This is a new one, but I’m loving these two voices together (even if you can’t use the video in class). “¿Quién puede hablar del amor y defenderlo? Levante la mano, por favor”–  if you feel done with love altogether, this just might be your jam for a while.


14. El Perdedor – Enrique Iglesias 


It’s pretty awful watching the one you love with someone else. Enrique Iglesias has this one covered if that’s you. 


15. Suelta mi mano – Sin Bandera



16. Fuiste tú – Ricardo Arjona y Gaby Moreno


Caught in a it’s not me, it’s you situation? This one’s for you, with an incredible duet. 



17. Imagíname sin ti – Luis Fonsi


Before Despacito, here’s a song from Luis Fonsi packed with regret and sentiment. 


18. Vuelve – Ricky Martin


Just wishing you could convince your ex to come back? Ricky Martin wrote the song you need. 


19. Por tu maldito amor – Vincente Fernandez


This one is reaching way back, but it’s hard to match force of these words or the sentiment in his voice. I’m fairly certain a number of broken hearts have raised a tequila glass to this song, over the years. 


20. Mi historia entre tus dedos – Gianluca Grignani 


Ever been told “we can still be friends”?



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