Spanish Classroom Libraries: Decor and Hacks for Storing Books
Spanish Classroom Libraries

Publication: Aug 20, 2018

Inside: A peek into dozens of Spanish classroom libraries, of all kinds, shapes, and sizes!

One of the most exciting developments to language teaching is the advent of novels for learners. Not reading passages, excepts or reading practice: real, interesting, novel-length books for Spanish learners.

Reading is possibly the most efficient, natural way to learn a language. Many teachers are working free reading or novel study into their daily schedules, and creating spaces in their classrooms for flexible seating or book displays. There are so many creative ideas out there, I had to write a post sharing them!

(Wondering where teachers are getting these books? Fluency Matters and TPRS Books have a great selections for getting started. Read about Teaching With Novels 101 from Secondary Spanish space as well.)

One of the best decisions I’ve made as a Spanish teachers has been to start my classes with a silent sustained reading (SSR) time. Spanish 1 started halfway through the year. It was a peaceful, rich way to start the day and make the most of the attention peak that occurs those first minutes of class.


See the hacks and ideas others teacher have used! Many teachers are using gutters as bookshelves, without taking up space in their rooms. Attaching these to the wall will vary from school to school, but you can try command hooks or directly drilling into the wall. 

Credit: Gisele Conn
Site: Brain Based Learning

Credit: Allison Weinhold
Site: Mis Clases Locas

Credit: Blair Chalker Brown 

Credit: Maestra_Cutshall
Instagram: @maestra_cutshall

Credit: Sara Glasbrenner
Site: La Señora Sara

And more cozy corners + clever storage solutions for Spanish classroom libraries:

Credit: Marta Ruíz Yedinak


Credit: Matt Hotopp

Credit: Matt Hotopp

Credit: Kristty Vernon

Credit: Carolina Gomez
Site: Fun for Spanish Teachers

Credit: Jasmin Pilanes de Solano


Spanish Classroom Libraries

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