Back to School Spanish Activities: The Ultimate Round-Up of Plans and Ideas

by | Aug 21, 2017

Inside: Back to school Spanish activities and plans.

I don’t know about you, but beginnings make me anxious. Or maybe it’s more like this: the anticipation of beginnings makes me anxious. Even on Sunday nights–in the middle of the school year– I get those butterflies. Once school starts, we jump in and it really is okay! (Especially now that I have a clearer idea of where we’re going and how students take in language.) That week-before is just tricky.

Teaching for ten years now, back-to-school has gotten better. I wish I’d had easy access to ideas from other teachers in those early days, so I’ve gathered these back-to-school Spanish lesson posts into one place. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, here you’ll have tons of great ideas at your fingertips!

Back to School Spanish Plans: The First Days

First Days of Elementary Spanish Class from Mundo de Pepita

First Days, First Impressions from Creative Language Class

First Day of Spanish 2 from Lugar para pensar

Day of Spanish 2 and 3 from Mis Clases Locas

First Day of Spanish Class from Maris Hawkins

Back to School Spanish Plans: The First Weeks

First Two Weeks of Spanish 1, in the Proficiency-Based Classroom from Spanish Mama

First Week of School, PreK – HS from La maestra loca

First Two Weeks of Spanish Class, Focused on High Frequency Verbs from Mis Clases Locas

First Week of Spanish Class Using Comprehensible Input from Mis Clases Locas

Free Unit for Week 1 of Spanish 1 from The Comprehensible Classroom

Back to School: General Spanish Resources

Interactive Notebooks

Back-to-Spanish Class with Interactive Notebooks from Spanish Mama

Getting Started with Interactive Notebooks from Island Teacher

Building Relationships

Creating Good Vibes in Spanish Class from Sol Azucar

Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport from La Profesora Frida

Establishing a Culture of Learning from La Profesora Frida

First Days of Spanish Class: Building Relationships from Sra. Cruz

Classroom Management

CHAMPS in the WL Classroom from Sra. Shaw

Tips if You Are on a Cart from Mundo de Pepita

Hand Signals for Classroom Management from Fun for Spanish Teachers

Games and Icebreakers

5-Minute Brain Breaks from Secondary Spanish Space

10 Beginning-of-the-Year Icebreakers and Games from Spanish Mama

Target Language

Staying in the TL from Day 1 from Spanish Plans

First Week of Staying in the TL from Señor Howard

Teacher Self-Care and Preparation

Back-to-Spanish Class: 9 Ways to be a Happier Teacher from Secondary Spanish Space

Top Priorities for Day One from Secondary Spanish Space

Advice for a First-Year Teacher from World Language Cafe


Back-to-School in Spanish Class from Secondary Spanish Space

First Day of School About the Teacher PPT Freebie from Fun for Spanish Teachers

Starting off the Year: Core Ideas from Bryce Hedstrom

10 First Day of School Ideas from Palmyra Spanish

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